Thursday, March 28, 2013



My week has been great (: We met a guy named Chris who ASKED for a Book of Mormon after teaching him about the Restoration! Super cool! We are teaching a lady named Patricia, and the best part about going to her house is for her dad. He is a 93 year old mexican and he says some of the funniest things! He has Alzheimers really bad, so he repeats himself a lot! There is a less active member named Dan Boyer. He hasn't come to church for a LONG time, and he looked like some white trash mechanic. But after talking to him he is EXTREMELY smart! He is really close to creating an engine that can run off of water!!!!!! Crazy huh? He just needs a couple more parts and he is positive it will work!

But the bedding is awesome! And the pillow is wonderful (: the blanket is awesome too! Yeah, could you send another one?? It gets quite chilly during the night time (: haha. Thank you so much!

Alright! I understand that the music isn't the biggest priority right now haha (: But some more songs that I would enjoy are John Allred - Where can I turn for Peace? Nichole Nordeman - I Am Yiruma - A river Flows in You. and That 's about it (: haha.

Brayden has 5 more months?!? Dang... his time went by way fast!! I will definitely take advantage of every minute! And that's cool that he'll be going to UVU!

Snow doesn't sound fun at all!!! It is getting pretty windy here, and it will continue for a month or so... the wind isn't fun, especially on a bike! But it's not as bad as snow, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining (: hahah. I'm glad to hear the house is coming along good!!

Hahaha Jaxon cut his hair?!?! What?!? Well, if he wanted his $20, he should have taken that offer while I was still around ;) haha that's cool though! You should send me a picture of it!! Haha how long is Joseph's? It's probably way long! Haha I miss all the funny things he says! I wish I could be there! There are a lot of families that have us over for dinner, and their kids are really funny too! Not us funny as Dub, but pretty funny (: It's hard not to play with them and to tickle them! But due to missionary rules, we aren't allowed to... it's sad! There was this little girl named Brianna, and we were teaching a lesson how your testimony is like a seed in your heart, and we "water" that seed by going to church, praying, etc. She took it literally, and was like "Well, if there is a seed in there... there must be DIRT! EW!! I'm gonna go throw up.." hahah it made me laugh pretty hard!!

Anyways, thank you for the addresses! I hope life is going good (: You guys are always in my prayers!! talk to you next week!
Elder Teeples

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hob-nobin' with the gov.....well....his house.

Hello! My week went really well (: sadly, no... Ezekial is going on vacation part of this week, and we scheduled to meet with him on the 23rd I think? and We haven't gotten a hold of Maria ): We had a lot going on this week, we contacted very few people. But we met a lady (who was sick at the time) named Jennifer who was a potential, and she seemed happy about meeting us, and said to come back later this week! we're excited to teach her (:
But no luck on the bike getting sold yet... but it's not too bad any more. The chain falls off every now and then, but that's okay (: but I'd say I would have paid $150 at the MOST if I would have known about all the problems before hand... but that's okay (: Thanks for the money! yes, I got a helmet. It's pretty sweet (: But in my opinion, you always look like a goof when you're wearing a helmet, but hey, what can you do?

OH MY GOSH!!! So guess what... I went on an exchange with the District leader this past week in Pismo Beach and I knocked on ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S DOOR!!!!!!! (well.... It's supposedly his house (: ) there is a picture of me with it (: Another pic is of his driveway, and another is of his house from the other side. Nobody answered the door... but it was super cool (: Haha it is only a summer home... but still pretty cool (:
Thanks for my line of authority!!! How is school going for everybody? So you are selling Grace?? Sad day... I thought dad liked her so he wasn't going to sell her ):

Anyways... What is in the package? (: I guess I'll find out this week... haha but maybe some MoTab?? Mormon Tabernacle Choir is always good (: maybe some solo piano music from Yiruma? and Paul Cardall? Just as much as you can get (: That only guidelines with music is that it needs to invite the spirit.

But I'm glad it is getting warmer in Utah! There was one day here where it was high 70's (: it was a great day! Santa Maria is the sweet spot of California I guess. It rarely gets into/above the 90's even during the summer. It is 60-80's most of the year (: It's great! Bakersfield on the other hand... people call that that armpit of California cause it's so dang hot.... Well In a few months I'll know if I do there or not (: I'll keep you updated on whatever information I know about it!

So you got fruit bushes huh? good (: haha I love my fruit! One thing I love about living here is that there are orange trees.... the oranges are SOOO good! I've never had such good oranges! and they are EVERYWHERE! It's great (:

But yes, definitely get a peach tree (: that would be swell!!

I'm so glad to hear about all these mission calls!!!! (: The work is definitely hastening!!  Keep these calls coming, it is really exciting to hear about!

You should have dad send me some personal stories about the priesthood that he had on his mission. I think those would be way cool to hear (: We gave a blessing to a 92 year old tailor named Jose. A couple weeks ago, he had something wrong with his groin area, and he could barely stand up, and he had to use a cane to walk. We gave him a blessing, and the next week, he was up walking around like normal. I think part of it was the stuff he was taking for the pain, but I full heartedly believe the priesthood blessing helped (: It was way cool!

This week we had zone conference. The message or theme was about being a wise steward. God gave us EVERYTHING we have as blessings, and everything we have is actually the Lord's. The only thing that is truly ours is our agency. It was really cool (:

Let me know how everything is going (: Could you add a little more money to my account?? That would be dandy (: and send me some sweet ties!! My ties are quickly getting old!!!! Love ya (:

Elder Teeples

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Mission is Really Fun!!!

Hello (: 

This week things went really well!! Ha yeah, it was way nice of Sister Hohaia to do that! (send vid.) We were using Brother Hohaia's guitars. But yes, Elder Dopp has been playing guitar for like 3 years, and he is really good at singing/playing Jack Johnson type of music, rather than just like a melody guitar like I do. We both love guitar tons! We go to the guitar shop on P Days and play guitar (: sadly, we arent allowed to have guitars in our apartment... so I can't ): sad day. 

Maria (The one we found while I was on splits) is kinda busy, so she said call her this week and we'll schedule a time.  And yes, Gloria is very interesting... In the last lesson we had with her we explained how the spirit works and tried to hint that what she was feeling/doing wasnt the spirit... but she didn't pick up the hint... She watched the restoration video though! So we will go back and see how she liked that!

Yesterday we found a man named Ezekial, which was an answer to our prayers. Before we left the apartment, we prayed that we would find somebody who was searching for the Gospel as we went out that day. Ezekial, being the first person we talked to, said he was looking for a church that was right for his family. What?!?! Prayer answered!!!!!! He invited us to come back really soon!!!  

Oh yeah, I need to tell you about my bike.... So I bought this bike right? This past week we've come to find out that it sucks.... the rear axle was broken (yes, snapped), the front axle was bent, the pedal/crank keeps falling off, the shocks are broken, the shifters are broken, the brake mechanisms don't work very well, and the list goes on... Basically this guy I bought it from must have taken it off a massive jump, broke it to pieces and put it back together himself, and didnt do a good job... so long story short, I used dad's card and spent about 45 dollars fixing it enough to sell it... (Sorry about that...) So yeah! Thanks for putting money into my account (: but yes, I will be selling this bike, and Elder Dopp says I can buy his bike from him, cause he wants a different bike so yeah!

But about the address, keep using the mission office address in Oxnard. They've asked us to keep that as our permanent address, and that they'd forward everything from there. But if you send a package, just make sure it is sent first class, or else they can't forward it for free... So I will have to wait for the next transfer to get my package, so yeah! If you could also inform Kolby/Heather about that, that'd be great (: 

But it's alright if you can't find the mint chocolate things, they are just super good (: haha and about the gummys, probably strawberry... that sounds dandy (: Thank you!!!!! 

Yes, we change the time here too. It didn't affect me too much though, so that's good (: If I were home I might be moaning and groaning about it though, cause I am somewhat getting used to getting up early haha. All the days are exactly the same (except p day) So I don't really pay attention to what time/day it is, because we're always doing the same thing!! haha

And I am also very excited to be at the front lines of this huge rush of missionaries!! Everyday I feel like I am suiting up for war, wearing the armor of God, and I am just plowing into the world, trying to bring the world the Word of God (Book of Mormon) (: It's fun!!

I'm glad Keith chose to not go with that band. I prayed for him quite a bit about that actually... I hope he straightens out his ways and gets on a mission!!! A mission is really fun!!! I see soooooooo many miracles happen every single day!! It's awesome (: 

Another thing (Sorry I ask so many things (:  ) Could you possibly burn me a CD with spiritually uplifting music?? I can listen to any music that brings the spirit... So like solo piano/guitar music, artists like Alex Boye and Brandon Brown. Some particular songs are like Alex Boye - Jesus Lover of my Soul and Brandon Brown - Nearer my God to thee.. so whenever you could get that, that would be great (:

Well time has run out... so I will talk to you next week (: hope all is going well!!!!!! Thank you ssooooooooooo much for all your love and support (: 

Elder Teeples

Monday, March 4, 2013

Great to be a servant of the Lord!!

Hello!! My week was great!!! During the week, it seemed slow and unsuccessful... but looking back on it, it was really successful! So it's been good (: and yes, we have knocked many doors! We actually ran into a catholic bible study while tracting... and we joined! it was great (: there are so many religions here in Santa Maria... it's nuts!! But yes, my companion is a lot like me haha. We quote Brian Regan a lot!!

The ward I'm in has a dinner calender for us... so we are fed almost every night (: its great!! So much good food here!! But thank you so much for the work out program/system/thing-a-ma-jigs! (: I'll try them out!

But I'm so glad Justin and Colleen got sealed!! That's great!! and that's sad they couldn't get many pics... but 45 people huh? that'll do it... hahah.

But yes!!!! There is definitely a speeding-up in the mission work. It's awesome (: I'm so excited!! But yes, the summers in Bakersfield are very very hot... and I'd rather not have to spend all of my time there, but wherever the Lord needs me, I will go!! Maybe I'll serve in the same areas and meet the same people as he did throughout my mission!

I'm sad I missed Kori's baptism... but I'm so glad she made that decision!! It will be one of the best ones she will ever make (: but that sounds like you had a party!! too bad I wasn't there... the party would have been so much better ;) hahah.

So Elder Dopp and I taught a woman this week... Her name is Gloria. She's quite strange.... she believes that God's spirit has filled her right hand, and the Holy spirit has filled her left hand and they "guide" her. ........ yeah. super weird. Even when we are sitting and talking with her, she will start swaying her hands around.... and she says her hands like to dance?? and she dances with them... very strange. apparently "God's Spirit" likes plants and the "Holy Spirit" loves painting.... yeah don't ask. but she is a child of God, and we must treat her as such!

I will start writing grandma too. She is so kind for contributing $100 every month! Bless her heart. Thank goodness she gave me that 200 dollars! I still had 180 left, and I bought a bike with it!! A member got it off of Craigslist for us... and it's a piece of hud, but it's a bike (: and could you send like $40-$50 for a helmet? I'm currently using a childs helmet.... so yes, I need to get an adult, quality helmet! OH! and I need more candy!!!!!! I'm all out ): and make sure you send more of those mini melt-away mint chocolate chip looking things! those are good (: And get some gummy stuff! I miss gummy stuff!!

So on Thursday, we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, Elder Whited and Elder Haws, and we tracted a street. I went with Elder Whited, and we started tracting one side of the street. After running into a member, and declaring to a few people, we started heading to one of the last houses. I started heading up the the door when I realized Elder Whited kept walking down the street. I asked him where he was going, and he said "let's go talk to this lady over here." She was around the corner a ways, on a street that we weren't tracting. We started heading towards this woman as she was getting out of her car, about to go inside her home. After talking a little bit with her, we found that she was a care taker for disabled senior men and women and she had 3 children, one of them passing away when she was 7. We expressed to her about the Plan of Happiness and told her that she would see her daughter again. After sharing with her part of the first lesson, she gave us her number to coordinate with her to teach her again. I feel like it was a miracle that Elder Whited found her, because I wouldn't have even noticed her. She would have gone inside her home and we wouldn't have talked or met with her at that time.

Well, I hope all ya'll are doing great! Let me know about what's going on in the outside world!!! I heard the pope resigned... crazy.. okay! Love and miss you! Have a great week!


Elder Teeples
Elder Dopp and I in our duds