Monday, July 29, 2013

Leaving Solvang....Headed to Ventura....Sad, but Excited.

Hello!! So I am being transferred to Ventura 1st ward!!! I just got here..... I am sad to leave Solvang... ): But the Lord must need me somewhere else, so I'll go where ever the Lord needs me! Elder Castro and I will be transferring together and opening a new area in the ward down there. We are excited! Elder Clark is going to Simi Valley, and this area is getting 4 spanish sisters! Crazy...
But yes, I get to play the piano a lot! Much more than I do the guitar! It really is such a stress reliever! It's great (:

This past week we were able to teach a dinner message while the members non-member sister was visiting from Oregon. It was really great! We taught her the Restoration, and half way through the lesson she expressed her concern that she hadn't really ever got a confirmation that God was really there. So we spent the rest of the lesson talking about how we pray to God and how to recognize answers from Him through the Holy Ghost. Then at church, she was the only visitor in our gospel principles class, so we talked all about Joseph Smith. She accepted to read the Book of Mormon and she told us that we had helped her out a lot. We are going to have the family refer her to the missionaries up there.

We got a referral from church head quarters. Her name is Alissa Ly (Lee). It is the same as John and Jolyn's girl! Kinda funny (: She is awesome! She is very busy though. We went on splits with our bishopric, and our 2nd counselor came out with us. He added many needed testimonies during the lesson. It was great! Half way through her lesson, we found out that she had no Christian back ground. I felt silly for not finding that out before we started the Restoration... oops (: but she is really open, and she was excited to read the Book of Mormon! She understood the lesson pretty well for having no Christian background. We set her with a baptismal date of September 1st, but she is really busy, so we are going to see if she can make that date.

We talked to Ramon about tithing and fast offerings. He is open and willing to change and he is very kind. It's good that there will be Spanish Sisters here, because he really does understand better in Spanish. He is funny, we would try to talk to him about gospel things and he would change the subject and talk about his truck, and other things ha (: He's funny! He fed us orange chicken this past saturday. He's awesome!

Brad came to church this week! We are so excited! We went by his house on Saturday and he actually sounded like he meant it when he said he would possibly come to church. We had a member pick him up, and he stayed for Sacrament meeting. It was so good to see him here. The members did a great job at talking to him and getting to know him a little bit! It was a great experience (:

Our zone leaders asked our whole district to study D&C 50, so I studied that for one of my studies. Its a really good section. In vs. 13-20 it talks about how we as missionaries are ordained to preach the gospel by the spirit, and by no other way. I just know that is so true. The best lessons we have with people are the ones where the spirit is really strong and we teach it by the spirit. I also like in vs. 35 how it says that we have the power to overcome anything that is not of God. That is so awesome! It just reminds me of the scripture in Corinthians where it tells us that God will not tempt us above that which we are able.
I don't have any more time right now... But Thank you so much for all your love and support that you give me! It really means so much to me, and I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful family supporting me behind my back (: I love and miss you tons! You are always in my prayers and thoughts! Have a wonderful week (:

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