Monday, October 28, 2013

I finally met my cousin Sis. Platt.


Wow! [mom] Your hair really is a lot shorter! But it looks really good (: Keith did a wonderful job!

So... the situation from last week hasn't changed [with our new contact]. We didn't go back this week (obviously) But we called him, and he was drunk a couple times, and he is having a hard time...

Well my new companion is Elder Navarrete! He has had a really hard life.... But he has also had a pretty cool life. He is really good at basketball, football, and soccer. And he was a professional video game player, and he loves choir. His high shcool choir was 3rd in the nation when he left. His name is from south america, and he is from Southern Missouri. He is a missionary who is ready to work! But he has something against missionaries from Utah.... I discern that he has a little bit of pride in his heart, and he thinks he doesn't need to study the lessons, the training program, etc.... so I am being patient with him and praying very hard to know how to best help him.

This week went really well! We have found a couple really good potential investigators. One of them is a lady named Jen that we taught on the street. She was really nice and thought our belief of eternal families was awesome. So we are planning on going back to teach her more. We also found a man named Erik. He is a really nice guy and said he had never talked to missionaries before. We left him with a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it if he had time. So we will follow up with him for sure!

We weren't able to see any of our investigators.... But we are planning on seeing them this week (: 

I was reading in 2 Corinthians for a some of my studies and I really love how in 2 Cor. 7 (I think?) it talks about how Godly sorrow leads to repentance, and worldly sorrow leads to death. That really hit home and I was able to ponder about that a lot. It really is so great that we have repentance in our lives! Such blessing and gift from the Lord.
I would write more, but I am out of time.... But I will write letters home today, and send them soon! Thank you for sending me a package (: I can't wait to get it! I hope you're doing well! I love you and the fam so much! Talk to you soon (: love and miss you!

Elder Teeples
             So I dont' know if I ever sent a picture of Elder Spencer and I... but here you go!

And this is my new comp Elder Navarrete. He doesn't like to smile.... he says "smiling is for the weak".................. I must be pretty weak then, cause I smile a lot!

This is Sister Platt! Finally met my 2nd cousin (: haha

Monday, October 21, 2013


Lightsaber! Held by Elder Spencer (:
Let's hope I never get fat....  
This is my district for this transfer!  

Trainer Again!


Holy this week was nuts....So I'll just jump right into things since I dont' have too much time. We got transfer calls! I will be staying here, and I am going to train a new missionary again! By myself this time (: I'm excited. I will be staying District Leader. Elder Spencer will be going to Simi Valley. 

Apparently the Elders from a ward in our district met the singer of a band called Panic! At the Disco.... I'm so jealous. I'm pretty sure at least Keith knows who they are. But yeah so that was cool! 

Okay. Here is the crazy part. I'll give you the short version........ Here we go.
So our ZLs went on a blitz with us this past week. That is where they come to our area and all four of us go tract somewhere or go to appointments, etc. So Elder Spencer and Elder Reese went to go tract a street that Elder Spencer and I chose out the night before. So we decided to exchange for 30 minutes. Elder Kleinman and I worked for 30 minutes, and we wait for a couple minutes... they don't show up. So we start tracting another street. Time starts ticking by.... 45 minutes after they were supposed to pick us up we get a phone call about a drunk guy and they would be there soon.... what?? so about 30 minutes after that they finally pick us up, and they are trying to explain what had happened.... I was so confused. Apparently they tracted into a guy, and gave them a regular reaction to missionaries (I was raised in a christian home, I love Christ, Not interested, etc.) and he just started bawling when they were talking to him. He was super drunk and the night before he had gotten drunk and beaten his fiance (and it wasn't the first time) . No bueno... His 18-year-old son called the cops on him and they came and he spent the night in jail. Somebody bailed him out of jail that morning and he was just a wreck. His fiance was gone. So they talked to him a little bit and tried to comfort him. They checked his house to make sure he didn't have any more alcohol, and he didn't because he drank it all. Then they made him promise not to drive anywhere. So that's when they picked us up, and we exchanged back then Elder Spencer and I went and got some In'n'out because we hadn't had dinner yet. I was about to park in the In'n'out parking lot to eat our food, but Elder Spencer said that we should go park in front of his house to make sure he doesn't/didn't leave. So we drove there, and ate our food, and just before we were finished we see his garage open up..... we see him walk out and hop in his van. NO! So I jumped out yelling to him and waving my arms (I probably looked like a weirdo) and he almost hit me when he was backing out, but he saw me next to his driver window just about he drove off, then he pulled back in the driveway and got out...... That was a close one. It was no coincidence that we were there at that time. He was still pretty drunk. We found out that he was going to buy a burger from In'n'out because he hadn't eaten for a long time... I then felt pretty bad for just scarfing down a double-double (: haha. But we go back inside with him, and this guy is just a wreck.... he was crying and talking to us about all of this. Then..... the fiance walked in.... We are pretty sure she was drunk too. She had packed up her car and was coming back to the house to get a couple more things. She started screaming and yelling the nastiest, most vulgar things at him for 30 minutes straight, which felt like hours. He didn't say anything, he just looked down the whole time. I was terrified..... I didn't know what to do. The only way I could describe how I felt was spiritually cold. The spirit was completely gone. I didn't know what to do.... so I just dropped to my knees and started praying, pleading with Heavenly Father to calm things down and to bring the spirit back.... at just about that time, Elder Spencer said to her, "[Name], I think it would be best if you left." Then he kneeled down and the man followed. Then she went upstairs, and sat at the top stair. After I felt things had calmed down a bit, I opened my eyes and sat back on his couch. Then he pulled out his phone and started playing some christian rock music. And they were actually really good songs, and that helped the spirit come back a little bit. Then I don't remember how, but earlier before she came, it came up that I played guitar, so he went and grabbed his guitar and told me to play something.... so I said a little prayer on what I should play, and I felt like I should play Nearer my God to Thee. So I did, and by this point, both the man and his fiance were bawling. She came down and joined us. They told me to play another song, so I played "Hero" By Abandon. And like right in the middle of the song they like started cuddling.... and kissing... it was soooooo awkward! and knowing my immature self, I almost started laughing right in the middle of the song haha (: But yeah, to shorten it up a bit, we left that night, and the spirit was somewhat back. They weren't yelling at each other at all, so that was a miracle in and of itself. Then we decided to go back the next day to check up on them..... Not a good idea. He was sober that day, but I guess earlier that morning she went to her Yoga class, and got completely hammered afterwards. So she was sitting in her car around the corner just completely belligerent from being drunk. He found her in her car, and he drove her back to their house, and he carried her up to their bed and she just passed out. he unpacked her car and washed all of the clothes she had in there. A couple hours later is when we got there. We had a lesson with him and he told us that he felt lost, and we told him that we had been sent by God to help him come back to Christ. He said that he really believed that we were sent by God, and he was planning on coming to church, and everything. Then..... His fiance woke up... still drunk. She comes down and starts yelling at us right in the middle of our closing prayer, and she wouldn't stop. So we got up and started walking out the door, and he was telling us that he'd see us on Sunday, but she starts yelling at him to give her keys back, because he took them while she was passed out. He wouldn't give them back to her, and she was like begging us to stay and help her find her keys because she was convinced that he was going to kill her that night. We kept telling her that we didn't know where they were, but that wasn't good enough for her. She was not letting us go until she got her keys. So he gave her keys back, so we tried to sneak out and we got to our car and started driving away. While that was happening she goes to her car and finds that everything she has packed is no longer in there.... She was FURIOUS. she walked very swiftly  up to our car before we could get away (and might I add that she is wearing nothing but underwear and a robe, and she isn't concerned if it flies open or not) and she made us roll our window down. She started screaming at us to help her come find her clothes that she had packed, and we tried to convince her that we didn't know where they were but that really wasn't good enough for her.... So we convinced her that we'd pull over and help her, so we do so, and we go back inside. She yelled at us and the man a little bit more. then we hear the door bell.... could it be?? It might be!!! YES!! It's the police! I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a policeman in my whole entire life!! So eventually we got out of there.... goodness.... so we aren't going back there for a while. Then he didn't show up at church yesterday, so we called him right before our meeting started and he said he couldn't make it because he had to go bail his fiance out of jail because she had gotten a DUI the day before... what a mess. But I know that it was inspired by the spirit to find him, and we are going to help him change. It won't be easy, and it won't happen over night, but they can change. 

Woooo... There we go (: that is the highlight of my week..... After going through that, eating dinner at member's houses was such a safehaven! The Spanish unit of our stake put on an activity Saturday night and that was way fun.... We weren't able to see Tom this week... He wasn't there ): But we found him last weekend and we are going to go back this week. We weren't able to see Paula either.... sad ): But we are definitely going to have a good week this week! 

Thank you so much for all that you so! It really is such a blessing to have a wonderful example like you as my wonderful mother (: Thank you for never drinking, as we can see it is the devil in a bottle from the situation above. I love and miss you lots! Talk to you next week (: 

Elder Teeples

Monday, October 14, 2013

We found a new investigator! Awesome!


This week was great! Yeah, that was Brother Merrill that called you. Ha we talked a little bit at church yesterday, and got a couple pictures! Nice guy (: 

This week we got a new investigator named Tom!!! AHHH!! My first new investigator in Newbury Park! He is great! We were walking around an apartment complex while Elder Jones was with me on an exchange. We found him, and he was using a walker (it looked like he had been in an accident of some sort...) told him all about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he was so interested. He is a recently-converted Christian, so he had been wondering why God hadn't called another prophet recently. It was great! He is soooo humble and soooo prepared. It was just so amazing how we found him and how we crossed paths! One minute earlier, or one minute later, we would have missed him!

Sister Teal came to church this past week!! Apparently her baby was supposed to be blessed, but.... it didn't happen... and we don't really know why. So we think it is going to be blessed next week. But Sister Teal is married to a member and she has been taught for while now, but I haven't been able to teach her, cause their how has been under complete remodeling for the past month or so, and won't be done for a couple weeks. They are living at her mother's house in Moorpark. We had the opportunity of teaching the Gospel Essentials class and we talked about charity. Bro. and Sis. Teal were both there and they gave a lot of input. It was a really good lesson.  So it was good to be able to meet and teach her! 

This week in my studies, I studied the talk Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland. It always gives me chills and brings the spirit everytime I hear/read the conviction in his voice! So powerful. It really is so amazing that Joseph Smith was willing to die for this cause, just because he knew it was true. Same with his brother Hyrum. That is a huge testimony builder for me that I know this Gospel is true, because they were so ready and willing to sacrifice everything for it. They sealed their testimonies with their blood!

So a cool miracle happened this week. We were over in a far away part of our area, and we were just about to leave the area, when I had a super strong prompting to go see a lady in an apartment complex (Which by the way are MASSIVE here) in that area. And I almost ignored it!!!!!! But I didn't (: So I got out of the lane that entered the free-way, and we made a huge loop to get to the apartment complex, and we were walking through the buildings to get to the lady's apartment, and we see a lady walk out on her balcony, and she started waving at us. It took us a second to figure out who she was, but we found out that it was a less active member that we had been trying to contact for a couple weeks now. So we went to her door and started talking to her, and she said that she had walked out on her balcony wondering if we were going to stop by that day, and there we were! She wanted to tell us why she hadn't been there when we came by (cause aparently her son lives there, and he just never answered the door). So that was awesome (:

And I was just informed that Britney Spears, Will Smith, Justin Beiber, and many other celebs live WITHIN my ward boundaries.... cool huh? (: 

So yeah this week was really good! We didn't get to see Paula or Jarred this week... but We are seeing them next week (: thank you for  all that you do! I love and miss you tons! I hope school gets easier eventually! 

soooo this week, we recieved a sticker to put on our license plate for registration in the mail from the mission office, and.... we lost the envelope.... no bueno. We prayed, and searched every where for it, but it is no where to be found... So we had to drive to the DMV and I had to buy a replacement Sticker for 20 bucks... so I used my mission card, and I don't have very much left on it for the rest of the month.. I think I have around 10 dollars.... so... If it's not too big of a hassle, some money on my personal card for food wouldn't be too bad (: Thank you! and for Christmas.... I'm not sure what I want.... I'll have to ponder and pray about it ;) A car, ipod, and laptop when I get back? haha Jk. I'll think of something! Thank you so much (:
Elder Teeples 

Loved Loved Loved Conference....exclamation point!


So Elder Spencer had a doctors appointment for his foot this morning, and it went waaayyy over, so I have even less time this week, but I will write as much as I can (:

So this past Friday and Saturday were SOOOOOO windy. Not the windiest day I've ever seen, but for California it was super windy. So the wind caused a bunch of dust to stir up in the air, which caused Paula's Asthma to rile up.... so all Saturday she was coughing like crazy and she didn't feel well enough to come to the building for conference.... sad ): But conference was sooooo good wasn't it?! I loved it! My two favorite talks were the two by Pres. Uchtdorf (: they both hit home for me. So awesome! But we wont receive the conference ensign til the beginning of next month... It takes a while to get to us ha. 

We had a really good lesson with Jarred . He is doing really well. We read part of Ether 12 with him and it went really good. He was way interested in reading the story of the Brother of Jared and the 16 stones, so he is going to read Ether 3 and we are going to discuss it with him. We are also going to talk to him about praying and fasting that his wife's heart will be softened toward Christianity. It should be a good lesson with him this next week!

We had a couple really cool lessons with new people this week. It was really cool, because they were both random drop-by lessons at 8:30 pm, and around here NOTHING happens past 8 o clock. Like literally. Every bodies houses are dark when 7:45 comes around, and most people are mad that you knock on their door around 7:30. It's nuts! and It's starting to get dark around like 6-6:30 here. Anyways one of them was a guy named Scott. We were using the restroom in a gas station after we filled up one night, and he was just talking to me while he was waiting in line to buy something, and he said to come by and gave me his address. Sweettt! (: So we went by Friday night and taught him the restoration. It went really well! He is way chill. 

Then we stopped by a potential investigator the next night, and we caught his sister at home around 8:30, and we were able to tell her a little about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read and pray about it. It was awesome! She was so shocked that we weren't able to watch TV ( she was watching "The Big Bang Theory" at the time), get on the internet, etc. for two years! Haha it's always funny to see people's reaction to that (: 

I had something really cool to tell you.... but I can't remember right now for the life of me. Maybe later today if I rmember I will write it home (: haha. Well, I hope all is going well at home! Thank you so much for all the you do and for all your love and support (: it really makes me feel so loved! And thank you so much for your lovely remarks in your email! (I skimmed over it breifly (: ) I'm definitely doing my best as a missionary! I wouldn't be the missionary I am without your amazing influence in my life! Thank you so much for all that you do (: I love and miss you!!!

Elder Teeples