Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another awesome week.

Hello!!!! Things are going great (: That's awesome that you had a good week! I wish I could listen to conference talks whenever I wanted! That would be awesome! We truly can find peace through Christ! It truly is a blessing to have an RM [Uncle Justin Chidester] that the kids look up to so much. Tell them hi for me!

That's awesome that he [Luke] got his arrow of light! Such a great achievement (: good for him!! I can't wait to get the letter(s)!! We really do have such good and dedicated leaders [in our ward]! It's great! But that program [Hope of America] sounds really cool! Sounds like it was a really good experience (: minus the traffic!!

Joseph is playing soccer?!?! I think you told me that... That does sound pretty entertaining! And Luke will have a lot of fun playing baseball! Hahahahah Joseph makes me laugh so hard!!! I swear, no other 5 year old is as funny as him!
[Re: Mom's Letter: 'Here's my Joseph laugh for the week: Someone swiped Mark's last Reeces that he got from the movie theater. Mark was mad and insisted it was Joseph. This conflict went on and on, testing my patience. When Mark discovered the wrapper in my bathroom on the floor, I figured it probably was Joseph and sat him down and looked him in the eyes and asked him if he ate it. He said, "NO--I didn't take it. I SWEAR!" I look for any evidence that he's lying. He says, "I'm swearing right now. . . . Inside my head!" Oh man, that kid!! How can you keep a straight face with a comment like that?']

Sister Webb is so nice!! She is way too kind. Last P-Day she let us borrow her sons guitar. She brought it to the church and we played it for a couple hours. It was awesome! But it should be here today?! That is way good timing! Thank you so much! I am basically being squeezed by these pants (: haha and yes, I will probably send home those pants, and a few other things as well.

So Beverly had some concerns about church. We stopped by and she told us she didn't want to continue taking the lessons, because she felt like the LDS church was a "young people" church, due to the screaming children during Sacrament meeting. We explained to her that Jesus Christ loves the children, and we convinced her to give it another try, and to see how she likes relief society. We are going to stop by in a couple weeks, because her daughter is here for a week or so.

We saw Ezekial yesterday, and his cousin, Ricky, was visiting him. Ricky just wanted to argue with us... So we just bore our testimonies and ended it with that.. He complimented me on my confidence in the Book of Mormon (: so that was good!

We are meeting with Kimmy this week so I'll let you know how that goes!!

Watch "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland for FHE tonight! That is such a powerful talk about the Book of Mormon (:

That stake fireside sounds awesome!! Missionary work definitely is so important! This Gospel really does change, and in some cases, save peoples lives! Not just physically, but spiritually. We are not just increasing church membership as missionaries, we are bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, and bringing them their salvation. It's so amazing what this work can do and how it works!

Thank you so much for all that you do! You and the kids are always in my prayers! Hope everything is going good (: Love and miss you all!

Elder Teeples

Monday, April 15, 2013

Found a 'lost sheep' this week

Hello!! (: I'm glad you and the kids liked the letters!! I will hope to keep them all coming! And Grandma is so awesome! But yeah I'll write her again soon! It's hard cause I can only write letters on Monday.... so yeah (:

But yes, he [bike man] was soooo nice! we are planning on going back. We didn't get to go back last week... but soon! And dad mentioned he wanted his address... and I'll get that soon as well!
That is so good to hear that dad can still continue to teach the UVU class! That is such a blessing! Heavenly Father really will answer our prayers if we just have faith (:
So yesterday, Elder Dopp and I found a "lost sheep."  She was walking down the street, and we decided to go talk to her. Her name is Kimmy, and It turns out that she was raised in a foster home in Hawaii, and she was adopted into a Mormon family. (I think?) but she was never baptized... She attended church for a few years, and then moved out. We were talking to her and we invited her to come back to church and she said she would love it! Then we helped her carry her groceries home and she was so appreciative of our help. We then said a prayer with her and she loved it. We set up an appointment to meet with her for tomorrow so that should be good (: 

I don't remember if I told you last week, but we were teaching Ezekial and it was going good, until his dad (A retired pastor for a different church) came in and gave us a lecture on how he believed the Book of Mormon was not the word of God.... Well, we went back this past week and talked with both of them, and we invited them to be baptized, to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray about its truthfulness. And they accepted the baptismal date of May 11th (: Woooo!!!! Hopefully Heavenly Father tells them it's true! 

Beverly came to church this week. She had to leave early, but from what a member told us, she said she liked it (: woo! Hopefully she can keep progressing!! That would be awesome!

This work is so amazing! It is often referred to as "the hardest thing I've ever loved to do" (: It's so true. Missionary work is awesome! I hope all is well back home! Love and miss you all!

Elder Teeples

Monday, April 8, 2013

New bike, new suit $1.....Conference priceless!

Hello Family!!! My conference weekend was great! How was the families?? I think my favorite message was by Elder Holland or Elder Perry.  Elder Holland was awesome!! If we act on the faith that we already have, then our faith will grow. Awesome! The Saturday sessions were so good! I enjoyed conference so much more out here on my mission! I took ssoooooo many notes! it was great (: Pres. Monson's was good too! The rules and commandments we have truly are for our safety and freedom. I have come to see that so much clearer on my mission! I wish SOOOOOO much that I would have paid more attention in seminary! the truths that are learned there not only help in the mission field, but through out all our lives! It's true, if you go into it, listening by the spirit, and with a desire to learn then it will be an amazing experience! I guess I just never realized how interesting the scriptures were until I got out here... They are soooooo interesting! I learn something very valuable from them every day!
How was everybody's spring break?? Relaxing is always good (: Is there really only a month and a half left of shcool???? dang.... times goes by so fast!!!! They really need to take advantage of it while they can! Joseph looks sooo much more handsome! He had a mop! haha glad to see he finally got a hair cut (:  I miss the kid! I miss all of them! It looks like Tini and Dub had fun on Easter!
So we saw Ezekial this past week. He had a question about how Nephi had to slay Laban in the first chapters of the Book of Mormon, so we went to his house to teach him, but his father interupted the lesson.  His father used to be a pastor for a nondenominational church, so he gave us a lecture, in lack of a better word, on his beliefs about the Book of Mormon. It lasted 2 hours! But fortunately, my faith was unshaken.  If I wouldn't have had such a great knowledge of the Gospel and have been grounded and built up the foundation of Christ, I feel like my faith would have been crushed. I'm so grateful for the testimony I have of the Gospel! 

So in this past week, the Lord has blessed me greatly. We recieved a referral from a less active member, but we only knew the street he lived on and that he had a trailer in his driveway.  So on Wednesday, we went to the street and knocked on one of the houses that had a trailer in the driveway. It turned out to be the referral, and he was the nicest man I have ever met in my life.  After talking to him for a bit, he asked us who had the worse bike, and both of us knowing my bike wasn't as nice, said I did. So he looked at me and asked if I wanted to trade him bikes. He then opened up his garage and pulls out this $1500 bike, and says, "alright, here ya go! It's yours." He then picked up my bike and expressed how he was getting the better end of the deal, and that I'd be riding a bike more than he was. I asked him if he was sure like 15 times at least... but he insisted. He then offered us drinks and oranges.  He was the most charitable and giving man I've met! He set, for me, an amazing example. I want to be like that in my life. Loving, giving, and humble (: But one thing sadened me about that visit with him... We allowed ourselves to be acted upon, rather than to act. Elder Dopp and I will be returning to help him with some yard work, and we will start teaching him the lessons. I want to give back more to him than he gave to us! But that really proved to me that the Lord blesses us if we are persistent and doing what we are supposed to! I'll try to send a picture of my bike in a minute (: if not today, then next week.
Oh yeah! and I forgot to tell ya! A couple P days ago, we went to a thrift store and I bought this olive green suit for not $10, or $5, but $1!!!!!!!!! And it fits!!! It's sweet (: I love it! Thrift stores out here are awesome!
I'll be writing letters to everybody today! I love hearing from all of them! It's so great (: I hope all is well back home! You are always in my prayers! I love and miss you!
Elder Teeples

Monday, April 1, 2013

My deepening love for the Savior...I love this work

Hi!! I'm doing great (: The work is progressing! Well, the typical day for me is we get up at 6:30 (sometimes I roll out of bed at 6:40.... (: ), maybe go running, or do push-ups/sit-ups. Then we eat breakfast and shower, then at 8 am we have personal study for an hour. I wish that we had more study time! I LOVE studying the scriptures! I look back before my mission and I wish I had studied more! It is so interesting! Then we have companion study for an hour, then training study for another hour, and during those times we usually just plan to teach our investigators. It's quite fun! Then we go out and work until 9 pm!! doing a number of different things, tracting, teaching lessons, finding people on the streets... it's fun (: then we plan for the next day til 9:30, then we get ready for bed, and get to sleep before 10:30! It's tiring, and a lot of work, but it's really fun! and the days are starting to fly by!!
In my zone there are 6 sets of missionaries. I get to see the 2nd ward Elders a few times throughout the week, and I get to see them and the Elders from Pismo Beach at district meeting. Then I don't see the other ones very much, sadly... but we just got a new ZL and he is awesome! Both of my ZLs are super funny!

We are teaching a sweet old lady named Beverly. She is an artist, and she makes jewelry for hobbies. It's really sad, because she is really lonely.. So when we taught her last week, we noticed she had a guitar. Elder Dopp and I played and sang "Armies of Helaman" for her and it seemed like it brightened her day! It also brought the spirit into the room so strongly. That was a great lesson! we read the Book of Enos with her and taught her about how God really does answer our prayers. It was really spiritual!

Oh yeah! Jill Webb is super nice! She is actually thinking about moving to Elk Ridge area, so when she heard that I was from Elk Ridge, she asked me all about it! haha. But she asked if I needed anything, and I asked if she could pick up my blue under armor hoodie, and my corduroy pants... haha I don't know what else to pick up though haha (: but yes, I got the blanket! Thank you so much!! Oh! there are some christian/religious music on the laptop that I am able to listen to. I think one of them is called you are everything?? You could just burn all those songs on there as well (: That would be dandy! Thank you so much! And thank you for the money! And thank you again for all the candy!

I'm glad things are good at home!! 3 dozen eggs?!? dang...That's a lot!! How did Keith and Jaxon enjoy the festival of colors?? that was always way fun!! but I'm sorry this music thing is taking up so much time!! don't make it too big of a priority if you have better things to do.But our Sunday here was good too! It's amazing how much Jesus Christ and God love us. It is so undescribable and unimaginable what Christ went through for all of us. I'm so glad we can be forgiven and that we can forgive others!

Well, I've gotta write the mission pres. now. But you guys are always in my prayers!! I hope you have a wonderful week! I love and miss you! Talk to you next week (:

Thanks again for all that you do!


Elder Teeples