Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another awesome week.

Hello!!!! Things are going great (: That's awesome that you had a good week! I wish I could listen to conference talks whenever I wanted! That would be awesome! We truly can find peace through Christ! It truly is a blessing to have an RM [Uncle Justin Chidester] that the kids look up to so much. Tell them hi for me!

That's awesome that he [Luke] got his arrow of light! Such a great achievement (: good for him!! I can't wait to get the letter(s)!! We really do have such good and dedicated leaders [in our ward]! It's great! But that program [Hope of America] sounds really cool! Sounds like it was a really good experience (: minus the traffic!!

Joseph is playing soccer?!?! I think you told me that... That does sound pretty entertaining! And Luke will have a lot of fun playing baseball! Hahahahah Joseph makes me laugh so hard!!! I swear, no other 5 year old is as funny as him!
[Re: Mom's Letter: 'Here's my Joseph laugh for the week: Someone swiped Mark's last Reeces that he got from the movie theater. Mark was mad and insisted it was Joseph. This conflict went on and on, testing my patience. When Mark discovered the wrapper in my bathroom on the floor, I figured it probably was Joseph and sat him down and looked him in the eyes and asked him if he ate it. He said, "NO--I didn't take it. I SWEAR!" I look for any evidence that he's lying. He says, "I'm swearing right now. . . . Inside my head!" Oh man, that kid!! How can you keep a straight face with a comment like that?']

Sister Webb is so nice!! She is way too kind. Last P-Day she let us borrow her sons guitar. She brought it to the church and we played it for a couple hours. It was awesome! But it should be here today?! That is way good timing! Thank you so much! I am basically being squeezed by these pants (: haha and yes, I will probably send home those pants, and a few other things as well.

So Beverly had some concerns about church. We stopped by and she told us she didn't want to continue taking the lessons, because she felt like the LDS church was a "young people" church, due to the screaming children during Sacrament meeting. We explained to her that Jesus Christ loves the children, and we convinced her to give it another try, and to see how she likes relief society. We are going to stop by in a couple weeks, because her daughter is here for a week or so.

We saw Ezekial yesterday, and his cousin, Ricky, was visiting him. Ricky just wanted to argue with us... So we just bore our testimonies and ended it with that.. He complimented me on my confidence in the Book of Mormon (: so that was good!

We are meeting with Kimmy this week so I'll let you know how that goes!!

Watch "Safety for the Soul" by Elder Holland for FHE tonight! That is such a powerful talk about the Book of Mormon (:

That stake fireside sounds awesome!! Missionary work definitely is so important! This Gospel really does change, and in some cases, save peoples lives! Not just physically, but spiritually. We are not just increasing church membership as missionaries, we are bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, and bringing them their salvation. It's so amazing what this work can do and how it works!

Thank you so much for all that you do! You and the kids are always in my prayers! Hope everything is going good (: Love and miss you all!

Elder Teeples

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