Monday, April 1, 2013

My deepening love for the Savior...I love this work

Hi!! I'm doing great (: The work is progressing! Well, the typical day for me is we get up at 6:30 (sometimes I roll out of bed at 6:40.... (: ), maybe go running, or do push-ups/sit-ups. Then we eat breakfast and shower, then at 8 am we have personal study for an hour. I wish that we had more study time! I LOVE studying the scriptures! I look back before my mission and I wish I had studied more! It is so interesting! Then we have companion study for an hour, then training study for another hour, and during those times we usually just plan to teach our investigators. It's quite fun! Then we go out and work until 9 pm!! doing a number of different things, tracting, teaching lessons, finding people on the streets... it's fun (: then we plan for the next day til 9:30, then we get ready for bed, and get to sleep before 10:30! It's tiring, and a lot of work, but it's really fun! and the days are starting to fly by!!
In my zone there are 6 sets of missionaries. I get to see the 2nd ward Elders a few times throughout the week, and I get to see them and the Elders from Pismo Beach at district meeting. Then I don't see the other ones very much, sadly... but we just got a new ZL and he is awesome! Both of my ZLs are super funny!

We are teaching a sweet old lady named Beverly. She is an artist, and she makes jewelry for hobbies. It's really sad, because she is really lonely.. So when we taught her last week, we noticed she had a guitar. Elder Dopp and I played and sang "Armies of Helaman" for her and it seemed like it brightened her day! It also brought the spirit into the room so strongly. That was a great lesson! we read the Book of Enos with her and taught her about how God really does answer our prayers. It was really spiritual!

Oh yeah! Jill Webb is super nice! She is actually thinking about moving to Elk Ridge area, so when she heard that I was from Elk Ridge, she asked me all about it! haha. But she asked if I needed anything, and I asked if she could pick up my blue under armor hoodie, and my corduroy pants... haha I don't know what else to pick up though haha (: but yes, I got the blanket! Thank you so much!! Oh! there are some christian/religious music on the laptop that I am able to listen to. I think one of them is called you are everything?? You could just burn all those songs on there as well (: That would be dandy! Thank you so much! And thank you for the money! And thank you again for all the candy!

I'm glad things are good at home!! 3 dozen eggs?!? dang...That's a lot!! How did Keith and Jaxon enjoy the festival of colors?? that was always way fun!! but I'm sorry this music thing is taking up so much time!! don't make it too big of a priority if you have better things to do.But our Sunday here was good too! It's amazing how much Jesus Christ and God love us. It is so undescribable and unimaginable what Christ went through for all of us. I'm so glad we can be forgiven and that we can forgive others!

Well, I've gotta write the mission pres. now. But you guys are always in my prayers!! I hope you have a wonderful week! I love and miss you! Talk to you next week (:

Thanks again for all that you do!


Elder Teeples

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