Monday, April 8, 2013

New bike, new suit $1.....Conference priceless!

Hello Family!!! My conference weekend was great! How was the families?? I think my favorite message was by Elder Holland or Elder Perry.  Elder Holland was awesome!! If we act on the faith that we already have, then our faith will grow. Awesome! The Saturday sessions were so good! I enjoyed conference so much more out here on my mission! I took ssoooooo many notes! it was great (: Pres. Monson's was good too! The rules and commandments we have truly are for our safety and freedom. I have come to see that so much clearer on my mission! I wish SOOOOOO much that I would have paid more attention in seminary! the truths that are learned there not only help in the mission field, but through out all our lives! It's true, if you go into it, listening by the spirit, and with a desire to learn then it will be an amazing experience! I guess I just never realized how interesting the scriptures were until I got out here... They are soooooo interesting! I learn something very valuable from them every day!
How was everybody's spring break?? Relaxing is always good (: Is there really only a month and a half left of shcool???? dang.... times goes by so fast!!!! They really need to take advantage of it while they can! Joseph looks sooo much more handsome! He had a mop! haha glad to see he finally got a hair cut (:  I miss the kid! I miss all of them! It looks like Tini and Dub had fun on Easter!
So we saw Ezekial this past week. He had a question about how Nephi had to slay Laban in the first chapters of the Book of Mormon, so we went to his house to teach him, but his father interupted the lesson.  His father used to be a pastor for a nondenominational church, so he gave us a lecture, in lack of a better word, on his beliefs about the Book of Mormon. It lasted 2 hours! But fortunately, my faith was unshaken.  If I wouldn't have had such a great knowledge of the Gospel and have been grounded and built up the foundation of Christ, I feel like my faith would have been crushed. I'm so grateful for the testimony I have of the Gospel! 

So in this past week, the Lord has blessed me greatly. We recieved a referral from a less active member, but we only knew the street he lived on and that he had a trailer in his driveway.  So on Wednesday, we went to the street and knocked on one of the houses that had a trailer in the driveway. It turned out to be the referral, and he was the nicest man I have ever met in my life.  After talking to him for a bit, he asked us who had the worse bike, and both of us knowing my bike wasn't as nice, said I did. So he looked at me and asked if I wanted to trade him bikes. He then opened up his garage and pulls out this $1500 bike, and says, "alright, here ya go! It's yours." He then picked up my bike and expressed how he was getting the better end of the deal, and that I'd be riding a bike more than he was. I asked him if he was sure like 15 times at least... but he insisted. He then offered us drinks and oranges.  He was the most charitable and giving man I've met! He set, for me, an amazing example. I want to be like that in my life. Loving, giving, and humble (: But one thing sadened me about that visit with him... We allowed ourselves to be acted upon, rather than to act. Elder Dopp and I will be returning to help him with some yard work, and we will start teaching him the lessons. I want to give back more to him than he gave to us! But that really proved to me that the Lord blesses us if we are persistent and doing what we are supposed to! I'll try to send a picture of my bike in a minute (: if not today, then next week.
Oh yeah! and I forgot to tell ya! A couple P days ago, we went to a thrift store and I bought this olive green suit for not $10, or $5, but $1!!!!!!!!! And it fits!!! It's sweet (: I love it! Thrift stores out here are awesome!
I'll be writing letters to everybody today! I love hearing from all of them! It's so great (: I hope all is well back home! You are always in my prayers! I love and miss you!
Elder Teeples

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