Monday, October 28, 2013

I finally met my cousin Sis. Platt.


Wow! [mom] Your hair really is a lot shorter! But it looks really good (: Keith did a wonderful job!

So... the situation from last week hasn't changed [with our new contact]. We didn't go back this week (obviously) But we called him, and he was drunk a couple times, and he is having a hard time...

Well my new companion is Elder Navarrete! He has had a really hard life.... But he has also had a pretty cool life. He is really good at basketball, football, and soccer. And he was a professional video game player, and he loves choir. His high shcool choir was 3rd in the nation when he left. His name is from south america, and he is from Southern Missouri. He is a missionary who is ready to work! But he has something against missionaries from Utah.... I discern that he has a little bit of pride in his heart, and he thinks he doesn't need to study the lessons, the training program, etc.... so I am being patient with him and praying very hard to know how to best help him.

This week went really well! We have found a couple really good potential investigators. One of them is a lady named Jen that we taught on the street. She was really nice and thought our belief of eternal families was awesome. So we are planning on going back to teach her more. We also found a man named Erik. He is a really nice guy and said he had never talked to missionaries before. We left him with a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it if he had time. So we will follow up with him for sure!

We weren't able to see any of our investigators.... But we are planning on seeing them this week (: 

I was reading in 2 Corinthians for a some of my studies and I really love how in 2 Cor. 7 (I think?) it talks about how Godly sorrow leads to repentance, and worldly sorrow leads to death. That really hit home and I was able to ponder about that a lot. It really is so great that we have repentance in our lives! Such blessing and gift from the Lord.
I would write more, but I am out of time.... But I will write letters home today, and send them soon! Thank you for sending me a package (: I can't wait to get it! I hope you're doing well! I love you and the fam so much! Talk to you soon (: love and miss you!

Elder Teeples
             So I dont' know if I ever sent a picture of Elder Spencer and I... but here you go!

And this is my new comp Elder Navarrete. He doesn't like to smile.... he says "smiling is for the weak".................. I must be pretty weak then, cause I smile a lot!

This is Sister Platt! Finally met my 2nd cousin (: haha

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