Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween from a 'u-tard'.

Well. This week was really good! We were really busy this week.

Yeah, Elder Navarrete and I have been doing better. I guess he just thinks all the members of the church in Utah are just dumb and don't know what the real world is like, which is probably true for the young people. But he thinks that no missionary from Utah know how to teach the Gospel... He calls us "U-tards" which kinda makes me chuckle each time... but this past week he said he'd always hate me for being a "u-tard". But I'm trying to just love him. I am just trying to be patient, kind, and loving with him. I can definitely see his potential and I am doing my best to lead him in the way he should go to become a dignified, powerful missionary. So that's how that is going (:

Halloween was good. Some people thought that we were being Mormons for Halloween... It was funny (: we were able to go knocking on doors a little bit, and we would say "trick or treat" when they opened the door. Most of them looked confused, would think for a minute if we were serious or not... So they would get out their candy, and they wouldn't be too happy when we offered them a card/pamphlet.... hahah it was funny though (: We had to be in our apartment at 7 o clock because of all the shenanigans that go down on Halloween. It's so crazy that October is already over!

We also taught a part member family in the Bishop's home this week! Bro. Peluso isn't a member, and Sis. Peluso is. The missionaries have worked with them in the past, but lost contact with them... We had a great lesson teaching them the restoration and we have a return appointment with them tomorrow! So we are definitely looking forward to that (: It should be a really good lesson!

One of the members, Bro. Cornell, had a couple friends over at his home this past Friday. We were running really late, and we were hoping they were still going to be there when we got all the way to his house (he lives at the top of a hill). So we pull up at around 8:15 pm and knock on the door, and he opens up and was like, "Elders! What a surprise! Were you just in the area?" and then gave us a very obvious wink.. ha needless do say, we caught on (: That sly dawg tricked his friends into meeting with us! Another member couple were there as well with their baby boy, along with a very young couple. We were able to break the ice right off the bat with them through Elder Navarrete's charm of being a professional video game player, and talking about Halo. It was kinda funny! Haha but we eventually got to teach them a "message" so we taught them about the Book of Mormon and explained to them what it was and what we are called to do as missionaries. They seemed very enlightened and open to reading the Book of Mormon!! Sweeet (: We are going to see if we can start working with the member to start teaching them.

Huge miracle! We taught a Chinese lady named Linda Hu. She came into our church building this last week and started talking with some members, Bro and Sis Friedman (Bro Friedman is Caucasian and Sis Friedman is Asian) who both also just happened to speak Mandarin. They talked with her and set up an appointment with us to teach her in their home. So we taught her on Saturday morning and it went really well! The members were perfect friends for her, since they could describe words to her in Mandarin that she didn't know in English. It was soooo cool! Both of the members served in Taiwan for thier missions so they knew exactly how to describe them (: She accepted a baptismal date of November 30th!!!! That was a huge miracle! The members we able to give her a Mandarin Book of Mormon so that was awesome. We are going to be meeting with her in the members home again for dinner this Wednesday. And I guess they are going to make me a duck egg for dinner... They say that most white people think it's really gross... So it should be interesting (:

I was listening to the talk "Our Perfect Example" By Pres. Eyring this past week. It was really good! That's another one you should listen to as a family. It has such a powerful message. It's great!
But yeah, I hope all is going well at home! thank you so much for the pictures! They made me laugh (: I'm gonna go print them off at Target right now. I love and miss you so much! Express my love for the family. I love and miss them all so much! I prayed and fasted for all of you this past Sunday and Friday (I fast every Friday (: ) I hope all is going well! Have a wonderful week (:

Elder Teeples!
 My district.

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