Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh how I love Zone Conferences!

Hello! Holy cow this transfer has gone by so fast.... we have transfers next week! It's nuts how fast the time flies by.

This week went really good! We had zone conference this past Friday (: Oh my gosh I LOVE zone conference! It's seriously one of my favorite meetings EVER! I learned sooooo much! It started at 9:30 am and got over at 7 pm. It didn't even seem that long! One of the main things that I got from it was trying even harder to be a good representative of Jesus Christ. Christ was the perfect example for us in all things, including being a representative, since He represented His Father while on earth. I want to become "a window to His love" and just let it shine right through me! I'm still a pretty dirty "window" but little by little I am cleaning it (: We also talked A LOT about D&C 4. I actually got to stand up and recite the whole thing in front of the conference! It was awesome (: The spirit was so strong. And I had a really cool experience at zone conference! So that night, we had a lesson with Larry Peluso and we had absolutely no idea what to teach him. I was really worryng about it, and during the afternoon part of zone conference I was praying thinking about what we could teach him to help him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3) came to my mind, and that felt pretty good, but I still wasn't sure. So I said a prayer and asked for some kind of confirmation that that is what we needed to teach him. Not even a minute later, President Castro was talking to the whole group about being an instrument in the Lord's hands, and he compared ME to being a sickle, or instrument, in the Lord's hand for the harvest of souls. And I felt the spirit so strongly at that point and I knew that Heavenly Father was listening to me brought my name to Pres. Castro's remembrance, in order to provide a little answer to my little prayer. It was such a testimony builder to me! And I said a little prayer right afterwards and thanked Heavenly Father.
Then our lesson with Bro. Peluso went sooooooo good! We met together in the Bishop's home, and we started off the lesson with the song "come thou fount of every blessing" I played the piano and Elder Navarrete sang. It was sooooo amazing! It set the tone for the rest of the lesson. We taught him and the lesson was so powerful as we talked about being cleansed from our sins through Christ's atonement, having faith in Him, repenting, being baptized, and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a very powerful lesson. He is still set for next Saturday! So we are going to set up everything so that happens (: 
But yes, Steven Linford is Kolby's dad (: That's sooo cool!! I like Bro. Newman. He taught the mission prep. class on Tuesdays at the seminary building. He's a really good guy! That's so cool to hear about the new [Payson East Stake] presidency! 
Oh yeah, Elder Navarrete and I learned a song together, and we played it for the relief society this week in church. I sat down and tried to learn hymn 220 "Lord, I would follow thee" and I just couldn't do it... it wasn't working out. So I just started playing the song "my way" (I have my own little style type way of playing the piano...) and I made it sound more like an arrangement, and it totally worked! So I practiced and we learned it in like 30 minutes (: It is pretty amazing! It sounds way good! and Elder Navarrete is like a professional singer which makes it even better. So that was way fun (: Maybe I'll try to get an audio recording of it somehow...
We had a lesson with Jared this week. We read the Book of Enos with him and it went pretty good. I love every chance I get to testify of truth, and especially prayer! I have such a testimony of it (as with the experience above (: ).

But yeah, things are going good. Thanksgiving should be good. A couple families from the ward said we could go visit them so that will be good (: and the rest of the day... we're not sure, but we'll find something to do (: Thank you so much for all your love and support (: it really means so much to me. I couldn't be on a mission if it weren't for you and the rest of the family. You are my inspiration, and the drive that keeps me going. Express my love to the family for me! I love and miss you so much (: 

Elder Teeples! 

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