Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My mission is flying by far too fast!


First off...... It is CRAZY how fast December got here!!! It doesn't feel like December, partly cause it's 60's-70's here (:
2nd...... I am being transferred ): ): I'm soooo sad! I seriously love this ward so much. I'm going to miss this place!! But I'm getting transferred to Simi Valley and I will remain a district leader. It's only like 20 minutes away from here... Elder Navarrete is getting transferred to near the top of the mission to Atascadero, and they are putting Sisters in this ward, which will leave this district here with 8 sisters and only TWO Edlers!!!! How does that sound dad??? Probably a whole different mission experience... there are sooo many sisters! So yeah, that is the update on that!
But I got the Letters and stamps last monday, so thank you so much for that (: or was that two weeks ago? I don't even remember... All the weeks/days blend into one big blur! it really is crazy how fast time goes by. 
So yeah, Thanksgiving was awesome! We went to a family's home named the Merril's. They are actually the ones who have family in Elk Ridge! So yeah we had fun there. We got stuffed! We got to share our talents with them so that was good. Elder Navarrete and I have got this thing going where I play the piano and he sings and we do that a lot for people. It's great! So yeah it went really well (: there was a lot of family in their home, but it wasn't anywhere near as crowded as our family would have been... so yeah (: Haha.
This week we had a really good lesson with our investigator Luz Flores. She is great! We taught her the Restoration and it was good. It was really scary though, because in between the lesson we had with her this past Tuesday and the lesson on the Thursday before that, we saw her talking to the Jehovah Witnesses ( a different religion that doesn't like the LDS church in these parts...) and we were scared that they were telling her negative things about our church... so we got to the lesson and she said they she didn't believe what they said and that she likes our church better (: yessss!!! and she read the Book of Mormon Intro page since our first visit, so that went really good.
We saw Adam, the 18 year old. He is doing really well! We really connect with him because he is a musician, and I got to play guitar with him a little bit so it was awesome (: He is planning on coming to church this next Sunday.
We taught Larry the 3 big "turn-off" commandments today..... but it went really well and he accepted to live all of them! (: We taught him the word of wisdom, the law of chastity, and tithing along with keeping the sabbath day holy. it was a really good lesson! we had to postpone his baptism for a few weeks, and we are sad that we won't be here, but that's okay (: the Lord definitely has a plan for all of this to work out perfectly whether we are here for him or not.
But yeah, This week was a good one (: I'm so glad to be on my mission. I really have learned so much! It is so great (: I love my mission. I love the people I serve. I'm sad that I am coming up on my one year mark soon! It is going by far too fast. But thank you for all that you do and all your love and support! I'll be praying for you and the rest of the family, as always (: Love you and miss you so much! Talk to you in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Teeples (:

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