Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Helloooo (: 

Well this week was good! I played my sweet rendition of Silent Night at our mission's Christmas devotional. It went good! Pres. Castro asked me to play it right in the middle of his talk! He told us all the story about how the song Silent Night came to be, and he built it up just perfectly! Then the song sounded good (: Except the mic for my guitar was far away from the guitar and couldn't get any closer.... but that's alright (: I had fun doing it! Then I played Away in a Manger on the piano for some other Elders while they sang it. It was great! 

So this week Elder Gray was still sick... He had/has pnemonia!!!!!  So he spent this week resting again. Our mission's general physician had him in the apartment most of the time, so we weren't able to get too much done this week either, but we did get some of the most important work done. Luckily I am still alive (: I haven't caught the Pnemonia yet! he has been sick for 13 days now! 

We had a lesson with Jack again this week. We had a lesson with him at the church right before he had an interview with the Bishop. We really think he is just feeling pressure from his family.. I went with Elder Kanenwisher (an Elder from the 2nd ward) to teach him, and the only thing we felt to do was to testify to him and bring the spirit it. We talked a little bit about repentance and how it is truly a gift from God. We aren't really sure what to do at this point, but we are praying for him a lot. 

We saw Ian as well. Elder Hortin (the other 2nd ward Elder) came with me to that and we had a really good discussion on faith. He said that he understood that faith would help him with his trials right now, if he had it, but he wanted to know what the religious importance of faith was. So we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and explained to him that faith was that first stepping stone that eventually leads to our salvation into God's Kingdom. So it was a really good discussion. and apparently during our lesson I sat on "the cat's chair" (the chair his shedding cat sleeps on) and my behind was COVERED in cat hair. So he saw it all over me as we were walking out the door, and he was like "whoa hold on!" (he has a british/english accent) and he grabs a lint roller, hands it to Elder Hortin, and says "you rub his bum, cause I'm not going to" hahahahahha! I got a crack out of that (: So Instead, I just rubbed my own bum. 

We wern't able to have a lesson with Alana this week, but we are hoping to meet with her and her family this week! 
We have been getting SHOWERED with gifts from this ward! So far, I have recieved 3 ties, 40 dollars in gift cards, and LOTS of candy! Plus all the left overs we get from our dinners...... I love the blessings that come from being a missionary (: sometimes I just want to pass it on to somebody who truly needs it though! (My belly doesn't need to get bigger from all this candy (: ) but it truly is a blessing to be serving in a wonderful area where most people treat us good.  We had an awesome experience this week. Elder Gray was sick of the apartment, so he said he wanted to go to Subway fro lunch, cause they have a special going on right now with $2 6" subs. So we decided to go with the 2nd ward Elders and we had all of our sandwiches made, and right as were about to pay, the lady that just got done paying for her meal hands us a gift card and says "I hope this covers your meal" and walks away.... what?! So we said thank you, and all together our meal ended up being like $8.60, and there was still $11.40 on the card! She paid for a $20 gift card right in front of us to pay for our meal! It was so nice of her (: So we had our sandwiches and it was great. Later that night, we asked the 2nd ward Elders if they wanted to go to Subway again to get dinner. So we decided to go again. and once again! As our sandwiches were all made, the person paying in front of us told the cashier that he was covering our meal. We found out he was a member, and he bought us chips and a drink as well. Then he pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to us and said, now I want you to go to the dollar store and buy you some candy bars. WHAT?! We told him that we weren't aloud to accept money, so he was like "Alright, then I'm going with you then!" So we walked over to the Dollar store and we each grabbed 1 candy bar, and he was like, "so you like these peanut butter twix's?" and we were like, "sure..." and he grabbed the rest of the box and dumped it in the cart! and he started grabbing a bunch of other candies and threw them in.... it was the full $20 of candy bars.... The blessings of being a missionary are great (: We are taken care of so well! 

I am very excited for this Christmas! we have plans to go caroling and I'm stoked (: My companion is gonna call home around noon, so I'm going to call either before or after that. I can definitely try to talk to Bradon on the phone (: that would be great! I haven't talked to him for over 2 years! Crazy! But yes, I got the package (: thank you so much! The presents are sitting under our California Christmas tree (in the picture) Thank you so much (: If you get a chance, watch the most recent mormon message. It is a really good one (: Thank you so much! you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I love you so much (: I sent letters today! Hope you get them soon! Talk to you later (: 

Elder Teeples (: 

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