Monday, August 19, 2013

Bradon's Home! So Crazy!

Hello! This week went really well (: No I have not gotten the digital frame yet... Hahaha I totally remember most of those videos!! I had totally forgotten about the one with the evil bar of soap (: I am definitely going to have to watch them when I get back! That is so crazy how Bradon goes home today... wow. That went by really fast! tell him hello for me today when you have lunch with him (: I miss him so much! and that is good to hear that Keith and his band had a good time. Hopefully dad gets some good rest!
So I don't have too much time today... But what we have been doing lately is going around trying to contact people. We met with the bishop a couple weeks ago, and he gave us this huge list of less actives that he has no idea who they are, so we are helping him out by seeking them out and finding if they have moved, or if they are just not interested, etc.... so we have been doing that (: We haven't had too many teaching appointments here, due to the fact that we only have half of what used to be one area. but we are hoping to get the work in our half of the ward speeding up soon!
This past week we met with Luigi and read the Book of Mormon with him. He is really funny! He is such a nice guy. Like I said before, he has been investigating for a long time, but he is getting closer and closer. I feel like he is really close to getting baptized. He just needs to soften his heart just a little more and let the Holy Ghost tell him that it is true!
So we taught this one family this past week. We tracted into them the week before, and we came back and talked with the mother, father, and two kids who are about 20 and 15. It went really well! they are really strong in their beliefs with Calvary Church. Most people who go to this church know their bible well. So we were discussing with them, and one major thing most people "pull out of their hat" is Rev. 21:19-20 and how it says "if any man add to this book, the plagues which are written in the book shall be added unto him" or something to that effect. So we explained to him that it was simply talking about the actual book of Revelation, but they didn't believe that, as nobody really does. And we showed them a couple other places in the bible where it says that same thing, but they still didn't buy it. So I was like, "so if it really is talking about not adding to the Bible, then why don't we have any of these plagues??" and the father kind of got shocked for a second (heheh (: ) and he was like, "wait does it say that?" and we all re-read it together, and he tried to make something up real quick on how it is talking about "the plagues in the next life." HA! No. So I got a kick out of that (: So I've been studying just what "plagues" it is talking about, so if dad has any insight on that, he should include it in his letter to me this week (:
This past week I attended a district leader training meeting. it was amazing! we talked a lot about the talk by the president of BYU-I Kim B. Clark called "the Power of the Holy Temple." It is so good! you should listen/read it for FHE (: It's really good.
Sorry this is so short, but thank you for all that you do! For all the love and support (: You are in my prayers daily! I hope you have a wonderful week! Love and miss you! 

Elder Teeples 

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