Monday, August 26, 2013

Trust in the Lord, prepare and He will provide the Miracles.

Hello! Things are going great!! Since we don't have too many gators (Investigators (: ), we received an assignment from the bishop to "seek out" less active members to find out if they have moved, are not interested, too busy, etc. So we have had some fun doing that. keeps us busy so that's good (: We have had to ride our bike up the hill a couple times. It's fun! Not... But once we get up there it is a nice view (: and going back down is a blast. The hills are soooo steep! But yeah, the houses on the hill are really nice. There are a couple active members who live up there and it is great! I will include one of the pictures off of their back deck (:

We were able to see Luigi this week. It went pretty well. We were talking about the Book of Mormon and he said he really likes what he has read so far, but he is still planning on reading the whole Book of Mormon before he gets baptized. And from the way he was talking to us, it sounds like he is planning on getting baptized. He is almost there, he just needs a little extra push! We are praying for him and doing our best to help him progress! He is so funny. He is basically a dry Mormon.. he helps with all the activities and invites less actives back to church. He is great.

We brought Sis. Beem with us to visit Tim and Suzanne Gagnon. Between our first visit and when we met with them this week, Tim had studied some websites on the internet and got things from his pastor that really weren't true. He read a lot of notes he took from his sources and we explained to him what was true and what was false. Some of the things that are on the internet about our church are just so funny! Having Sister Beem there really helped a lot! Her testimony was so very needed. It's one thing for 2 weirdos in white shirts and ties to tell you about our beliefs, but when there is a member there that seems like a normal person adding their testimony to ours, it makes all the difference. Sis Beem and the Gagnon's had known each other from work in the past which helped a lot. Tim said that he was going to talk to his pastor about how the information he got from him was false, which is good (: They are getting really busy with work and school so we are planning on seeing them in a month or so. But it really seemed like they are both sincerely seeking for truth. We left them with a couple copies of the Book of Mormon our first visit with them, and Suzanne was taken back at the fact in the introduction how Joseph Smith said it was "the most correct of any book." She thought from that statement that we hold it higher than the Bible. We explained to her how the Bible had been corrupted through out time, and we solved that issue for the most part. Even if they aren't looking to get baptized, they truly are searching out the truth about our beliefs which is great (:

This week in my studies I have been reading Mosiah, and something in chapter 24 really stuck out to me. In the chapter, Amulon is reigning over Alma and his people, and they are "persecuting" them and making their burdens heavy. The people cry to the Lord and He makes their burdens light, so they have a testimony that God comforts us when we are in need. The Lord then told Alma that He would deliver him and his people out of the hands of Amulon "on the morrow." And what I think is so cool is that they didn't just sit around waiting to be delivered out of their enemy's hands. They spent all night packing up and "preparing." At the time, they didn't know how they were going to escape, but the trusted in the Lord and did something about it, rather than just waiting around for a miracle. Then the next morning, they were able to escape because the Lord cause a "deep sleep" to come upon the Lamanite guards. I just love how the people as a whole put their faith forward and "prepared" for the miracle to come.
The digital frame is awesome (: Also, when convenient, if you could get your hands on the EFY 2013 CD, that'd be sweet as well. Also, the Lower Lights are pretty good, and i really like their more recent CD, but I am so grateful for the music I have! It keeps me satisfied (: thank you so much for all that you do! I really am so lucky to have you and the rest of the fam giving me so much love and support! Again, there is no rush for any of this stuff (:
I hope all is well at home! You guys are always in my prayers! I love and miss you tons (:
Elder Teeples

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