Monday, July 28, 2014

Elder Uchdorf says..."You can do it now!" So....I guess we can!

Hello! (: 

This week, the work went really well actually! We didn't get to go out and do a lot of finding, due to attending to our assignment as zone leaders, but we still picked up 4 new investigators this week which was a miracle! It was great (:

We taught a guy named Arnold at our dinner appointment this past Monday night. He is a really great guy and he has read about "20%" of the Book of Mormon. He is really open to learning about the Book of Mormon and how it came to be. He lives with one of the stake representatives from our YSA ward.

We started teaching a girl named Stephanie. She lives in Simi Valley, but wants to come to the Westlake YSA ward, because all of her fellowship is here. She really wants to find out if this is true for herself, and not for any other reason. She doesn't have too much of a religious background, but she is humble and willing to learn. We taught her the Plan of Salvation at a dinner appointment and she seemed to learn a lot from it. We are excited to help her find this for herself! She has some trials as we all do, and we believe the Gospel will really help her.

We taught our investigator Xingxing/Ben about Temples and Family History. He understands that it is important and during the closing prayer, he mentioned to Heavenly Father that he wanted to be baptized for his grandfather, so that was a cool moment! He is such a great investigator to teach because he is so sensitive to the spirit (: 

We taught our investigator Luke. We taught him about scripture reading and prayer, and he understood it pretty well. We aren't sure what to do with him... He seems to be more interested in the social aspect of the church, and puts the spiritual part to the side. So we are trying to set him up with a friend who will help him to start reading and praying on his own.

We found a person named Gabriel, who had actually talked to Sister missionaries up at San Jose State, as he was going through the orientation program, and had a return appointment with him. We taught him a quick restoration lesson, and invited him, as the Sisters did, to read the Book of Mormon, specifically the title page. He was super chill! 

On Saturday we met somebody named Kira. She was out washing her car, and I admit, I was hesitant to talk to her, (as she wasn't modest...) but Elder Welker was pretty set on talking to EVERYONE. She was actually really open to learning more and hearing more and we will be teaching her again soon. We had a really good conversation with her just about the church, and what we believe will happen after this life. She doesn't have too much of a religious background either so it was all kind of new to her. She was really nice and accepted a Book of Mormon , so we are excited to follow up with her!

Lastly, we contacted a referral named Clay Boers. He is not a member, but his dad is, and he actually served his mission her in the California Ventura Mission. He doesn't seem to be active but we had a great conversation with Clay, and got a return appointment with him. 

This week I studied a lot about the Atonement. It was quite amazing. I reviewed the talk by President Uchtdorf "You Can Do It Now!" Very encouraging. I would share more but I am running low on time. 

Thank you for all your love support and prayers! It really means so much to me! I love and miss you tons! Have a great week (: I will keep the family in my prayers with their challenges.

Elder Teeples (: 

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