Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Priesthood blessing to calm a troubled heart.

Hello! (: 

Well this week was a lot better! At the end of my interview with President Felix, I received a blessing from him and it was amazing. The blessing touched my heart, and I really feel like I have been more effective in the work, especially with keeping motivated when opposition hits. I feel a lot better with everything (: 

So this week, we were pretty productive in the work. We were able to set our investigator Xingxing/Ben with a baptismal date of September 20th. He is doing really solid as always. He and his girlfriend, Anna, came to church yesterday. We had our regional YSA conference (which is where the surrounding YSA wards come and have a 2 hour long fast and testimony meeting, and eat afterwards). It was great to hear all the testimonies that were borne, and they both really liked it! I saw a lot of members from the Camarillo YSA ward. 

We saw our investigator Stephanie as well. We invited her to be baptized on September 27th, but we have received word from her fellowship that it has been overwhelming her a lot, just thinking and praying about it. So we are going to discuss that with her this week. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a great lesson! 

We had a lesson with our investigator Riley. We just stopped by Saturday night, and it was really good. She was going through a hard time, but we testified of the peace that can come through reading the Book of Mormon and having the spirit. It was really good and she learned a lot.

We made a lot of progress with our investigator Alonso. We set him with a baptismal date of September 27th, and we discussed the commitment it would take to be prepared for that day, and he seems to be committed. We have a lesson with him today and it should go well.

In my studies one principle that I have really found to be grateful for is the resurrection. I guess in my life, we have never really had to worry about disease or cancer in the family too much, until I heard about Jax. So I have really appreciated the knowledge of that principle in Alma 40:23. My family is quite bummed though. I also studied more about courage, repentance and the atonement. I read the story of the 2000 young warriors this morning, just looking to their examples of courage to see what I could learn. It always amazes me how these young men scared off these grown lamanite men, and I have found that it was because they were diligence in obedience to God's commandments and because they had courage. I plan to study more about courage this week!

Sorry this is shorter! Thank you for your love and support (: It is truly felt. Love and miss you! Have a great week! 

Elder Teeples! 

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