Monday, August 18, 2014

Being with Elder Enthusiastic is Sweet!

Hello! (: 
My mission now is asking that instead of sending letters to the mission office (3301 W. Gonzales Rd. Oxnard, CA 93036) to send letters to us DIRECTLY rather than through the mission office. They are trying to decrease the amount of mail coming into the mission office. My current address is:
2473 Vista Wood Circle #13 Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

This week was really good! I am loving my new companion, Elder Gerber. He is such a great missionary! He definitely is sincere about helping the investigators and less actives in this area. I have definitely seen that in him in the short time I've been with him. He is really upbeat and enthusiastic, which is awesome. I've never really had a companion that has been overly enthusiastic so it is really great! We had a great time coming up with zone goals this past week and we are excited to get them rolling.  We are doing really good though and the work is going great! 

Our investigator Alonso actually got "dragged" to church by his friend named Matt, who is not a member. MIRACLE! Alonso and Matt came to the family home evening we had as a ward this past Monday, which was a pool party. At first Matt didn't really want to be there, but he came into the backyard of the house where the pool was, and members started talking to both of them, and about 10 minutes later, members convinced Matt to go swimming... So he took off his shirt and went into the hot tub! Since then he has been happy to see us when he does, and he convinced Alonso to go to church yesterday. They showed up near the end of the 2nd hour and it was so good to see them there! 

Stephanie also came to church yesterday. We had a lesson with her right before church, and she told us how she doesn't really have a desire to investigate any more and feels like she simply keeps coming to church to keep her friends happy... It was kind of a sad lesson but the spirit was definitely there. We aren't completely sure if we should keep teaching her or not but our plan right now is to teach her everything about the church and see if that helps. She just feels frustrated because she has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon but she doesn't feel as if she has gotten an answer. She doesn't know for sure if God is really there, which is also a hurdle she needs to get over, but we are doing our best to help her. 

Our investigator Ryan expressed desire to be baptized this week. He has special needs and I'm pretty sure the ward has come to the conclusion that he doesn't "need" baptism due to his condition but we've been talking about it with the ward council and we are thinking it may be good for him to feel like he is truly part of the church by coming every week and having a calling as well as having home teachers that could be assigned to him for the rest of his life. (:

In my studies this week I studied about light a lot because that is what our zone goals are based around, is being a light to others, and helping members be a light to their friends. It has been really cool studying how that light can be part of our countenances by living the Gospel and doing God's will. 

Thank you for all your love and prayers! It really means a lot to me. Have a splendid week (: 

Elder Teeples

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