Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love Love Love the Temple! And....I got a new comp!

Hello  (: 

TRANSFERS ARE HERE!!!!! Crazy how fast time goes by! I have been praying for Keith and his surgery. Hopefully he recovers quick! I will be staying in Thousand Oaks with an Elder named Elder Gerber (yes, like the baby food (: ) I have served around him, and I am excited to be with him! Elder Welker is actually going to the Ventura 1st ward, which is the ward I was in, when I was in Ventura. But this week was awesome! The work has been going really well around here! Elder Welker and I are sad to be transferred away from each other, as we have come to be good friends, but he will do some great work in Ventura and for the missionaries there.

I was really impressed by the missionaries we live with this morning around 4 AM. One of them is the district leader over 12 Sisters O.O crazy. Last night, a sister called around 4 AM asking for a blessing. She had been experiencing some breathing problems and wanted a blessing as soon as possible. The whole situation was a complete miracle.  The Elders forgot to put their phone on sound last night, and left it on vibrate, but as the Sisters called early on in the morning, one of the Elders miraculously woke up to the vibrating phone. That was a miracle, because he usually doesn't even wake up to the alarm on full sound in the morning! And even the alarm to get up for exercises this morning he slept through it. But I was very impressed with their willingness to get up and sacrifice some of their sleeping time to minister to those Sisters, and this morning we received word from them that Sister was feeling better this morning. A true miracle, if I do say so myself.

Work-wise, this week was great. We started teaching Xinxing's girlfriend Qianqian (Anna)! That was a huge highlight of our week! In the past she has seemed really hesitant about going to church, and was skeptical about that, but we taught her for the first time this past Tuesday, and she told us that she wanted to know if God was really there! It was so great! We talked to her a lot about faith in that lesson, and in the lesson on Thursday. She said the closing prayer at the end of both lessons, and it was so great. They both made it to church yesterday, and it was awesome! They are headed down to San Diego this week and they said they might stop by the San Diego Temple.

We were also able to meet with Alonso. We kind of lost contact with him this week, because his phone is broken. We tried to go by a couple times each day, but couldn't catch him. Then last night we knocked on his door, because he didn't come to church, and he wasn't there... So we worked around his neighborhood and we actually ran into him walking his dog! Miracle. We had a lesson with him then, and we have an appointment with him tonight. 

We taught Luke this week as well. We talked with him about REALLY being committed to reading the Book of Mormon Stories book that we gave him, because he hasn't read it yet, unfortunately. He did, however, go down to the LA Temple with the ward for ward temple night on Thursday and he enjoyed that. 

We also taught Stephanie, and we had a really good lesson with her about faith and why we set baptismal dates as goals. it was a really good lesson and the fellowship was perfect. One of them left to Utah this week for school and the other one reaches out to her often, so it works great. She really is so humble and willing to learn it is great! She really has a strong desire to know this for herself so it is awesome.

In my studies I studied this article in the August 2013 Ensign called Worlds Without Number. It truly is amazing! It really puts into perspective just all of God's creations. That, along with going to the Temple on Thursday, has really helped me be humble and I really have learned a lot about submitting to God's will. The temple was soooooo great! I loved it (: I actually ran into somebody I went to high school with! So that was aweome.

Thank you for all your love and support! Have a wonderful week (: thank you for all that you do!  love and miss you!

Elder Teeples (: 

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