Monday, March 11, 2013

A Mission is Really Fun!!!

Hello (: 

This week things went really well!! Ha yeah, it was way nice of Sister Hohaia to do that! (send vid.) We were using Brother Hohaia's guitars. But yes, Elder Dopp has been playing guitar for like 3 years, and he is really good at singing/playing Jack Johnson type of music, rather than just like a melody guitar like I do. We both love guitar tons! We go to the guitar shop on P Days and play guitar (: sadly, we arent allowed to have guitars in our apartment... so I can't ): sad day. 

Maria (The one we found while I was on splits) is kinda busy, so she said call her this week and we'll schedule a time.  And yes, Gloria is very interesting... In the last lesson we had with her we explained how the spirit works and tried to hint that what she was feeling/doing wasnt the spirit... but she didn't pick up the hint... She watched the restoration video though! So we will go back and see how she liked that!

Yesterday we found a man named Ezekial, which was an answer to our prayers. Before we left the apartment, we prayed that we would find somebody who was searching for the Gospel as we went out that day. Ezekial, being the first person we talked to, said he was looking for a church that was right for his family. What?!?! Prayer answered!!!!!! He invited us to come back really soon!!!  

Oh yeah, I need to tell you about my bike.... So I bought this bike right? This past week we've come to find out that it sucks.... the rear axle was broken (yes, snapped), the front axle was bent, the pedal/crank keeps falling off, the shocks are broken, the shifters are broken, the brake mechanisms don't work very well, and the list goes on... Basically this guy I bought it from must have taken it off a massive jump, broke it to pieces and put it back together himself, and didnt do a good job... so long story short, I used dad's card and spent about 45 dollars fixing it enough to sell it... (Sorry about that...) So yeah! Thanks for putting money into my account (: but yes, I will be selling this bike, and Elder Dopp says I can buy his bike from him, cause he wants a different bike so yeah!

But about the address, keep using the mission office address in Oxnard. They've asked us to keep that as our permanent address, and that they'd forward everything from there. But if you send a package, just make sure it is sent first class, or else they can't forward it for free... So I will have to wait for the next transfer to get my package, so yeah! If you could also inform Kolby/Heather about that, that'd be great (: 

But it's alright if you can't find the mint chocolate things, they are just super good (: haha and about the gummys, probably strawberry... that sounds dandy (: Thank you!!!!! 

Yes, we change the time here too. It didn't affect me too much though, so that's good (: If I were home I might be moaning and groaning about it though, cause I am somewhat getting used to getting up early haha. All the days are exactly the same (except p day) So I don't really pay attention to what time/day it is, because we're always doing the same thing!! haha

And I am also very excited to be at the front lines of this huge rush of missionaries!! Everyday I feel like I am suiting up for war, wearing the armor of God, and I am just plowing into the world, trying to bring the world the Word of God (Book of Mormon) (: It's fun!!

I'm glad Keith chose to not go with that band. I prayed for him quite a bit about that actually... I hope he straightens out his ways and gets on a mission!!! A mission is really fun!!! I see soooooooo many miracles happen every single day!! It's awesome (: 

Another thing (Sorry I ask so many things (:  ) Could you possibly burn me a CD with spiritually uplifting music?? I can listen to any music that brings the spirit... So like solo piano/guitar music, artists like Alex Boye and Brandon Brown. Some particular songs are like Alex Boye - Jesus Lover of my Soul and Brandon Brown - Nearer my God to thee.. so whenever you could get that, that would be great (:

Well time has run out... so I will talk to you next week (: hope all is going well!!!!!! Thank you ssooooooooooo much for all your love and support (: 

Elder Teeples

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