Monday, March 18, 2013

Hob-nobin' with the gov.....well....his house.

Hello! My week went really well (: sadly, no... Ezekial is going on vacation part of this week, and we scheduled to meet with him on the 23rd I think? and We haven't gotten a hold of Maria ): We had a lot going on this week, we contacted very few people. But we met a lady (who was sick at the time) named Jennifer who was a potential, and she seemed happy about meeting us, and said to come back later this week! we're excited to teach her (:
But no luck on the bike getting sold yet... but it's not too bad any more. The chain falls off every now and then, but that's okay (: but I'd say I would have paid $150 at the MOST if I would have known about all the problems before hand... but that's okay (: Thanks for the money! yes, I got a helmet. It's pretty sweet (: But in my opinion, you always look like a goof when you're wearing a helmet, but hey, what can you do?

OH MY GOSH!!! So guess what... I went on an exchange with the District leader this past week in Pismo Beach and I knocked on ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S DOOR!!!!!!! (well.... It's supposedly his house (: ) there is a picture of me with it (: Another pic is of his driveway, and another is of his house from the other side. Nobody answered the door... but it was super cool (: Haha it is only a summer home... but still pretty cool (:
Thanks for my line of authority!!! How is school going for everybody? So you are selling Grace?? Sad day... I thought dad liked her so he wasn't going to sell her ):

Anyways... What is in the package? (: I guess I'll find out this week... haha but maybe some MoTab?? Mormon Tabernacle Choir is always good (: maybe some solo piano music from Yiruma? and Paul Cardall? Just as much as you can get (: That only guidelines with music is that it needs to invite the spirit.

But I'm glad it is getting warmer in Utah! There was one day here where it was high 70's (: it was a great day! Santa Maria is the sweet spot of California I guess. It rarely gets into/above the 90's even during the summer. It is 60-80's most of the year (: It's great! Bakersfield on the other hand... people call that that armpit of California cause it's so dang hot.... Well In a few months I'll know if I do there or not (: I'll keep you updated on whatever information I know about it!

So you got fruit bushes huh? good (: haha I love my fruit! One thing I love about living here is that there are orange trees.... the oranges are SOOO good! I've never had such good oranges! and they are EVERYWHERE! It's great (:

But yes, definitely get a peach tree (: that would be swell!!

I'm so glad to hear about all these mission calls!!!! (: The work is definitely hastening!!  Keep these calls coming, it is really exciting to hear about!

You should have dad send me some personal stories about the priesthood that he had on his mission. I think those would be way cool to hear (: We gave a blessing to a 92 year old tailor named Jose. A couple weeks ago, he had something wrong with his groin area, and he could barely stand up, and he had to use a cane to walk. We gave him a blessing, and the next week, he was up walking around like normal. I think part of it was the stuff he was taking for the pain, but I full heartedly believe the priesthood blessing helped (: It was way cool!

This week we had zone conference. The message or theme was about being a wise steward. God gave us EVERYTHING we have as blessings, and everything we have is actually the Lord's. The only thing that is truly ours is our agency. It was really cool (:

Let me know how everything is going (: Could you add a little more money to my account?? That would be dandy (: and send me some sweet ties!! My ties are quickly getting old!!!! Love ya (:

Elder Teeples

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