Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting my first/second Transfer

Patricia's dad, Robert. He is 93! ( A lot of old people around here, I know..) picture is of Me, Robert, and Sister Sanborn
Our 92 year old investigator Jose. He is a Tailor!
Elder Briscoe and I

There is a studly picture of me (:

A picture of Elder Dopp, Patricia, Robert and I
My District
Hello! Things went well this week! Yes, I was able to fix my bike (: thanks so much for the money! and no.... I need to go get a bike lock today haha. They don't cost too much! Hahah I'm glad to hear Joseph had a good time ! [in Richfield w/dad] he is so funny (: I miss that kid! Glad to hear the house is coming along great!! 

Keith's coming to Cali?! That's cool!!! You'll have to have him come drop by ;) hahahah. That is awesome! Haha and yes, he will probably have to do cherries to pay for it. It wasn't too fun... Missionary work is much better (: Let me know how Luke's first game goes! I was thinking about my little league baseball years... good times (:

Hmm..... I will have to think of a good one [scripture] to put on my plaque [ward]..... What does dad have in mind?? 

And yeah Mother's day came fast!!!!!!! We are only allowed to do phone calls... So anytime during the day is good for us, what time would be good to call home?? I probably won't be able to get on here til then, so you could just have sister Webb let me know what time would work for you guys (: But if I don't hear from ya, we will just plan on calling home at like 3 (: 

And yes, things got better with Elder Dopp and I! And yes, I got the letter haha (: [dad's advise] I am doing my best to be a good example though. I am actually getting a new companion tomorrow!!!!! Today is the last day of my 2nd transfer (: I will be companions with Elder Smith. I don't know too much about him, so I will let you know what he is like next week! Leroy, one of our investigators, is taking us to transfers. Leroy is so awesome! When he comes to church, people think he is a bishop from another ward, or they think he is in the high counsel or something.... but nope! he just really wants to join the church. He loves it! But his wife isn't interested at all... and she doesn't like the idea of tithing... And Leroy doesn't want to join unless he knows he is able to pay tithing, since that is a commandment. So we are praying that his wife's heart will be softened (:

Thanks for the Stake Conference notes! that's awesome (: I'll definitely have to read them later! 

So I am going to send some stuff home today. and do you by chance know Kolby's home address? I'm gonna send him somthing too but i don't know his address haha. 

So we watched the movie "Joseph Smith: A Prophet of the Restoration" with Patricia last night. (The movie they show in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building) That movie is sooooo powerful!!!!! It is incredible what He, and the many saints went through so we could have this happiness. I hadn't seen that movie for a LONG time... and I had only seen it once, so it was really cool (: I respect Joseph Smith so much for what he did and all that he went through so we could have the fulness of the Gospel on the Earth today. I know he was called by God to do so! What an incredible man!

So on Saturday we took Ezekiel on a church tour. It was awesome! He is really sincere about finding a church for his family.  There was a baptism that morning as well, so he got to see the baptismal font being filled up, and it was awesome! We then went into the chapel and talked about the spirit. There is such an undeniable spirit in the chapel! The spirit is just so strong! We then asked him to kneel down and truly ask God for guidance on what church would be best for his family.  We then knelt down and he offered a heartfelt prayer. It was great! The spirit was so strong (: We definitely are so blessed to have the privilege of going to church once a week! The church building is radiating with the spirit! We definitely shouldn't take it for granted!

So yesterday, it was really rainy and windy... The wind blew over trees and a lot of fences. But it got up to 95 last week (: it was way hot! My farmers tan and watchline  is coming along great (: 

Well I hope things are going great back home! You guys are in my prayers every day and night! Love and miss you!

Elder Teeples 

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