Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello! Yeah, the Zone meeting was awesome! Thank you for your prayers and support! It is greatly appreciated (: 

So Leroy ended up praying about June 8th, and he told us that it doesn't feel right... But he is thinking towards the end of July. We are going to discuss that with him a little more this week! But yeah, he is an awesome guy! He loves coming to church and to all of the ward activities and service projects. He's doing really well! He is almost half way through Alma in his reading... He's doing great!

Steve is a funny guy haha. We dropped by his house last week and he was trying to get some gophers out of his back yard, and apparently he has a ton. He was telling us how his neighbor one time got a garden hose and ran it from the exhaust pipe on his truck into the ground, and at first Steve was wondering what the heck he was doing... Then he realized he was trying to smoke out the gophers! hahahah It made us laugh so hard! We read half of the first chapter of 1Nephi with him, but didn't finish. He asks a lot of questions! Which is good (: 

Felix and Ezekiel haven't really progressed at all sadly... We are trying to work with them, but they aren't really open to the Gospel... well at least Felix isn't. But we are working on him and we are trying help them feel the spirit!

We went to go see a less active lady this week. She is an artist, and one of her friends was there who is an artist as well. and the picture attached is the profile she drew of me! She is dang good. But we talked with her a little about the Book of Mormon and she said she wanted one! So next time we see her, we are going to follow up on that with her to see how she liked it! 

We went tracting for like 3 hours on thursday. It was actually quite fun! We probably knocked on over 50 doors. And we got a new investigator for it! Her name is Sandra. She was really nice and really receptive to the message that we brought. We are going to go back and visit her this week.

It looks like Joseph is having fun in soccer! Thank you for sending off that package! I can't wait to get it (: 
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Elder Smith

Cool Tree

Our Pad

Well I hope all is going well! Thank you for all the love, prayers and support! You are in my prayers night and day! 

Elder Teeples

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