Monday, June 24, 2013

Solvang, CA...Sweet!

Hello!!!! This week went really well!!!!!!!! It was a good week (: and yes, I did get my package. I will be looking forward to this next one ;) Thank you so much!
Solvang is awesome!!!! The Solvang ward actually covers 5 little towns: Solvang, Beullton, Santa Ynez (ee-nez), Ballard, and Los Olivos. I love it here!! It is pretty small, but it's really pretty. Solvang is a huge tourist hit, so there are new people to talk to every day (: It's exciting! I haven't taken too many pictures yet... But I will attach the ones I do have of part of the valley. And luckily!! I will be staying in the Ventura mission!!!!!!!!!! they will be splitting the mission on July 1st (:
Elder Clark and I are training Elder Castro. It is fun being in a trio!!!!! He is actually not going to be here permanantly... He got called to Peurth Australia, and he is currently waiting for his Visa. We're so glad to have him here! We have been working pretty hard since we got here. There are a lot of investigators here that are sooo close to converting, but they just have one concern that they can't get over... I don't know all of them, but I will write more about them next week when I know them and their situations!
And Leroy looks like a bishop doesn't he?! He is awesome. Although I may not be there  to see their baptisms (Leroy & Jeaninne's), it definitely was such an amazing experience teaching them and exposing them to the Gospel. It was an amazing experience to see that change happen in their lives for the better. I love this work!!
Ahhhh! Justin has a kid!!!!! He is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! That is so awesome (: That makes me so happy! I can't wait to get home to meet him!!!!!! And Kacey's having a baby!!!!?!??! Wow.... Thats soooo exciting (: Joseph is done with soccer already?? wow.... That sounds incredible that he can hit the baseball! yeah, I think I used that [ball on rope] to practice ha (: Sign him up for t ball, I bet he'd like that! And he wants to learn piano huh?? That's really cool (: Such a cute kid. That's awesome to hear about Luke (doing well in his baseball game)! Tell him good job! Dang, it sounds like mostly everybody is going to be pretty musical when I get back!
Well the ladies in the Family History Center are bugging us to wrap up... and I still haven't written President yet (: ha Tell me what you thought of the broadcast yesterday!! It was amazing wasn't it? Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! You are in my prayers continually (: I love you!

Elder Teeples

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