Monday, June 10, 2013

The mighty change of the gospel

Hello!! This week was pretty good (: there were a lot of good things that happened!!! I got to go on an exchange with our distric leader, Elder Cheadle. He's a short, buff militarty guy. It was fun! He is pretty funny. So I got to go up to Pismo Beach on Thursday! I'll Include some pictures in another email. It was really cool! I'll also include some other pics as well.

I'm not sure if I have written about our investigator Jeaninne at all or not.. But she has come a far way. When I first met her back in March, she was so bitter towards the church. She wouldn't even talk to us... Before I got here she got a priesthood blessing, but she didn't really think much of it. Then towards the end of March, she wanted another one, and we told her we wanted to explain what a priesthood blessing was and all that stuff. So ever since then, we have been teaching her a little bit, but she hasn't been super interested. But since then, she has softened up soooooo much! It's crazy! Then last week, she came to church for her third time. She was in relief society and they were talking about eternal families, and she said she just got this feeling that she knew it was true, and since last week she has wanted to get baptized so bad! While I was up in Pismo Beach on Thursday, Elder Smith and Elder Moser (the one I went to high school with (: ) set her with the baptismal date of June 29th! I was so excited to hear that news. She is a completely different person. There is a light in her countenance that is so noticable. It's amazing what this Gospel can do! Elder Smith and I went over after church yesterday and taught her the law of chastity. That is the catch here... She is living with her boyfriend, who is a less active member. We let them know that they would either have to be married in order for Jeaninne to be baptized, or she would have to move out by that date. Ever since we told her that, she has been pretty sad... It hurt me so bad to say that and jsut see that joyfulness in her countenance leave. She looked down and she just seemed crushed. She then expressed to us that she didn't have anywhere else to go. We promised her that if she is faithful, that she would find somewhere to move by her baptism date. As of right now she is nervous, and doesn't know what to do, but her and Cliff (her boyfriend) are will to do whatever it takes for her to be baptized. Please keep her in your prayers, and pray that she will find a solution to this situation!! She needs prayers of comfort!

Leroy is still doing good!!! I exchanged a tie with him this past week. He is going on vacation, and I might be getting transferred next week... I am wearing the tie he gave me in the pictures I'll send you (: He is awesome. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet him!

Sorry this letter is a little bit shorter than usual... I spent a lot of time talking about Jeaninne (: ha.

Well, I hope all is going well at home! I love and miss you, and you are in my prayers every day and night! I hope you have a great week(:

Elder Teeples

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