Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Got a car..a cool comp and a righteous side bag. Awesome!

Hello!! (: My first week in Newbury Park went really good. It is really nice here! I am in a car area, so I get to drive! Wooo! Hahaha my driving skills are a little rusty... so I'm still getting used to it (: but things are going good. My new companion is Elder Spencer. He has openly admitted that he was a band geek, and he's proud of it! But he's awesome. He played ultimate frisbee in high school, and he loves that. He used to listen to Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan, and other comedians like that, so we have fun quoting them sometimes (: That's kind of cool how Bishop Carter mentioned that [put in leadership positions] and then I got the call! 

Yeah there is a whole spanish community and a pretty big Indian population. (Not Native Americans, but from the other India) and it is so weird walking around there and not being able to tell what anybody is saying... It's quite the experience (: haha.

Jax got braces?!?!? Sucker.... haha (: That's not fun..... but they will help his teeth in the long run.

We had a really good lesson with our investigator, Paula Schwartz. She is so funny! She has a Jewish background. She has been taught by the missionaries for at least 6 years now. She is very humbled by experiences in her life. We planned to teach her the Plan of Salvation this past Saturday, and when we got there we found out that it was a Jewish holiday: "Day of Atonement." And as we know, the Atonement is the center of the Plan of Salvation. She thought that it was so cool how we planned to teach that to her on that day! We had a really good discussion with her. She believes all that we talk to her about, she just won't come to church. She knows that she needs to go to church, she knows that she will have friends to sit by at church, she has a ride to church, but she just won't go. I don't fully understand it at this point... ha but I hope that by the gift of discernment Elder Spencer and I will be able to help her overcome whatever concern she might have. She drinks iced/green tea, so we are going to talk to her about that. We think that the tea may be hindering her spirituality, so we are going to talk to her about that. But she really is such an awesome lady. 

We met with Adam the first night I was here. He is awesome! He is a really good musician! We had some fun playing a little guitar together (:  He is turning 18 near the end of this week, and he really expressed his desire to us of being baptized and eventually going on a mission. His mother wouldn't give permission for him to be baptized, so he is excited to turn 18 so he can "start making [his] own decisions," baptism being one of them. He really is great. He hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon lately, so we are going to help him with that. 

Also, I found a side bag on Saturday! At the end of the day, a lady that had a yard sale was giving away all the stuff that she didn't sell, and she had a side bag! SWEET! So you don't need to look anymore for one of those (: But yeah, just whenever you can find some tan slacks that would be great! Just make sure to compare them with the pictures on becasue I don't think that can be too light... but yeah (: and thank you for the music (:

I hope all is well at home! looks like you had fun at Lagoon! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Love  and miss you (:


Elder Teeples

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