Monday, September 9, 2013

New Transfer....District Leader at Newbury Park....I'm Stoked!

Hello! This week was great (: guess what?? I have been called to be a district leader!!! Crazy! I am very looking forward to it! It will be such a great privilege to have that extra opportunity to love, serve, and learn from the missionaries! I am excited (: Transfers are tomorrow, and I am being transferred to the Los Robles ward in Newbury Park. It is a more wealthy part of my mission, and I have heard that it is beautiful there. I am excited! My new companion will be Elder Spencer, who I will meet tomorrow. I'm stoked! Elder Moser (the Elder who went to school with me) will be taking my place in this ward with Elder Castro. As of the moment, he is still waiting for his visa.

So this week we saw Luigi a couple times. We set a goal with him to read one chapter of the Book of Mormon daily. He said he feels good about that goal and he is keeping that commitment. It has taken him a really long time to get up to Alma... Like 9 months. and by reading a chapter everyday, he will finish the Book of Mormon near the end of January, which is like less than half of the time it took him to get up to this point. So that's good (: We really feel that is the only thing holding him back. He wants to know for sure what is in the Book of Mormon before he makes a big commitment.

Rose gave us a call this week and let us know that some personal problems had come up in her life and at this point she doesn't want to study any further with us, unfortunately. ):  But she was very appreciative of our time and looks forward to meeting with us again. Elder Castro and Elder Moser will be having the last lesson with her this Wednesday.

We met with Tim and Suzanne Gagnon yesterday. We didn't get to say too much during the lesson... they basically just told us all or their concerns on why they think our church is false. But it went good, we answered some of their questions that they had. Towards the end, we were able to bare testimony of the Book of Mormon and we invited them to pray specifically about it, because they hadn't done that yet. They accepted and said they would. The main thing we focused on while bearing testimony to them was how the Book of Mormon brings us closer to Christ. I explained our purpose as missionaries is to "invite others to come unto Christ" and how the only way we can do that for strong Christians is through the Book of Mormon, and we promised them that they would be brought closer to Christ through that book. I know I have come closer to Christ through reading and applying it's teachings! I know the Book of Mormon is true!
And yes, Sis. Gonzales did make it to the temple!! She was able to [be baptized for] her mother and her grandmother (: She said it was such a great experience!
That's so crazy how much Mark has grown up!!! And Luke! and Everybody! Wow... it's crazy what 7 months will do! So Keith is doing cosmetology this year huh? That's pretty cool! Haha yeah, I'd imagine he would be the only guy there (: Is it part of school? Or just a job? That really is such a blessing to have that anonymous person [in the ward] pay for part [two months] of my mission! I will definitely be keeping them in my prayers (: I hope Heavenly Father blesses them greatly. I hope things are going good with your schooling!
Thank you so much for expressing your appreciation for me (: I just tried to do what I was told. Thank you so much for being such great parents! Seeing the families our here in the world really has put our family into perspective for me, and we have an AMAZING family! I feel soooo blessed to have this gospel in my life and to have such righteous parents who are doing their absolute best to raise their children in righteousness. I can't thank you enough for that (:
I hope all is going well at home!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Hope to hear from you soon! Love and miss you (:

Elder Teeples

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