Monday, February 3, 2014

Alana is getting baptized on the 16th!!!

Hola (:

I am doing well! Very well! Yes, I got the package (: thank you so much! the music is amazing! I love it!!! and the jerky was really good (: If there is any more send some! I think it is soooo good! It keeps me awake during study time ;)  I get to go to a Mission Leadership Conference tomorrow with the whole missions leadership. 4 Stake Presidents will be speaking along with Prs. Castro so I am excited (: 

That's good to hear about Jaxon. He has been in my prayers! You [mom] are in my prayers school-wise as well. Hopefully it get's a little bit easier for you! My knee is doing better. The inflammation has gone down. It still aches pretty bad when leaving it in any position for a really long time. But it's alright (: It's getting better (: Thank you for the prayers! 

We had a good testimony meeting yesterday too. It's kinda funny, out here in Cali a lot of people give "travel logs" rather than testimonies... so Elder Gray and I classify each testimony but what they say. There were a few testimonies, but there were also a lot of "cry-imonies" and "thanks-imonies".... I have yet to see a "sing-imony" but I'll be looking forward to that (: 

This week we were able to see Alana this week. She said that she likes the 16th for her baptismal date!!! :D Her brother tried to see if she wanted to do it that next Saturday instead, but she said she feels better about the 16th (: we are so stoked! Please keep her in your prayers! We have been texting her scriptures every night and it has been going well. She says she understands the scriptures better when we send them to her and explain them (: 

We saw Jack this week as well. He is still going through a struggle of testimony. Please keep him in your prayers too. He needs it. We talked to him about scripture reading yesterday and being diligent with that and prayer. He said we motivated him a little bit to make sure he reads and prays every night, so that is good (: 

I went on an exchange with Elder Cheadle this week. He is awesome! He was my district leader while I was in Santa Maria and in Solvang, then he got transferred into my district, now i'm his DL (: So we got to go on an exchange and it was way fun! He is from Minnesota. Such a stud (: I went to his area and we were able to help somebody finish up moving. It always feels good to do a good deed! 

Thanks so much for all that you do and all your prayers! I now have more behind me than I do in front of me on my mission, and I feel like time is going to start picking up really fast. It is amazing just how much the Atonement has carried me this past year. I couldn't have gotten through this year without it. I'm so grateful for my mission! My testimony of the Atonement has grown so much. Before my mission I knew what the Atonement was, but I didn't really understand it and how it applied to me, because I don't feel like I have had very trying challenges in my life. I love my mission so much! I love and miss you all! Thanks again (: Have a great week!

Elder Teeples (:

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