Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Baptismal Date!!!

Hola!!!!! (:
This week went really good! Last Monday and Tuesday we were in meetings all day. 2 days of straight sitting! But it was great (: Such a spiritual feast. I learned sooooooo much about leadership and about how to minister to other missionaries. It's so cool to see just how much the mission prepares us for life!
But my zone is good! We have two districts here! It's great (: we had a zone meeting last week and we brought back the counsel that President gave to us on Monday and Tuesday! 2 of my past comps are in the zone, Elder Spencer, and  Elder Navarrete. If you remember, Elder Navarrete was the one who HATED Utah missionaries. and me, being a Utah missionary as his trainer didn't really help on my part. But I just loved him. I heard from the area seventy, Elder Garnes, that that is the best thing we can do for the unloveable missionary is to love them. I talked to him just the other day and he has changed soooooooo much. I haven't heard it from him, but his DL told me about how he respects me for the way I treated him, although he didn't appreciate it at the time.
Okay! So Desiree! She has progressed soooooo much this week! the week before last, she was super nervous to meet Elder Robison and I (cause we were both new) but she likes us, and on Wednesday we invited her to be baptized on March 29th and she seemed really uneasy and uncomfortable with it.... so we had a 2nd lesson with her on Friday and we were wondering how we could help her feel more comfortable with baptism, and she totally blew us away! Right when we started talking about it on Friday, she was like "I know I need to be baptized. I realized that it is something I need to do, so I'm going to do it" WHHAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Awesome! So that was awesome! She's doing sooo good. She comes to church and reads from the Book of Mormon often so it's great.
We had a couple lessons with some new investigators and we have return appointments with them this week! It's going to be another super busy week! But on Tuesday we are going to the local University to set up a display booth/table with one of the ward members about the church. So we should find a lot of success from that (:
So last night we were visiting people and we stopped by this house with a bunch of girls living there that were going to college. We taught one of them along with her boyfriend and it was a good lesson about the Restoration, so we were planning on coming back. The BF wasn't there, so we just taught her and one of her roommates. They are leaders in their local Christian church, and the roommate was very into it. Anyways, we were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit was strong, retestifying to my heart that it was all true. She mentioned how her grandmother passed on the night before and that she was sad, and didn't know where she was, but she knew it would be okay. So I shared the experience I had with Grandpa Teeples' passing away. I remember at his funeral I couldn't bring myself to be sad, because I knew exactly where he was. I couldn't be sad with that testimony I had. Then we promised her that she could know these things too. But sadly she wasn't open and wasn't willing to change her beliefs... She told us how she believed she won't recognize her family heaven... it made me sad but we'll keep working on them (: I love this Gospel and it truly brings me happiness!

Thank you for all your prayers and support! I love you so much! I sent a letter this week so hopefully you get it! You are in my prayers!
Elder Teeples (:
That was the sunrise this morning (:

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