Monday, March 3, 2014

Loving my new area and comp. and being SUPER busy!

Okay.... so basically. Being a zone leader is suuuuupppperrr busy! This is gonna be a short email, due to that factor, plus we got to emails like 30 minutes late..... which I will explain why. Yeah. I have like 8 minutes left... ha.
But this week was good! My new companion Elder Robison is great! He is my 1 companion who has been out for well over a year. So it is great! He actually wants to be obedient, which makes being obedient soooooooooo much easier. He is amazing at the piano too! He plays by ear as well. He is so kind! We are both new to this area. He has been in Santa Barbara for the past 7 months. The first day we were here, we went shopping and It turns out I had $18 less than I needed for all my groceries... poop. So he paid the rest without skipping a beat. He is awesome! We get along really well.
So this week we spent a lot of our time coming up with zone goals, preparing a report on the missionary work for the past month for the stake presidency  (which was hard... cause we weren't even here during the past month!) and we had to collect supply orders from the whole zone... and blah. On Friday we didn't leave the apartment once cause we were so busy doing all that stuff! Sooooo crazy. But we got it all done! We presented the report yesterday, and everything is all taken care of (: We have had so many meetings and we actually have a meeting today and tomorrow that will take up most of the days. It's crazy! But it is making time fly by so fast! So that's good (: Elder Spencer and Elder Navarrete, two of my past comps are both in my zone so that is exciting. 2 cities! Camarillo and Oxnard. We email way on the west side of Oxnard and we live on the East side of Camarillo! So it is crazy. It takes like 25-30 minutes to drive here, it is also the building where we go to church. Yeah! I forgot just how quiet the YSA wards are! It was dead silent during sacrament meeting yesterday! Haha but it was way good. This ward does a "break the fast" every fast sunday, so we were excited for that. We were in the very back of the line... and when we got to the food, we were literally scraping the bottoms of pans and bowls for food hahahah it was funny (: So I had an awesome goolash of spaghetti, various types of rice, soup, and really spicy salsa. But it was good!
Teaching young single adults is soooooo much easier than older people. It is so much easier to connect with them! We had a couple really good lessons this week! Our main investigators are Desiree, Joseph and Max. I'll have to tell you more about them next week.
I am sad, because at this building, we aren't aloud to use the printer..... which is lame. I usually print out your emails and read them later, but the older gentleman watching over the family history center informed me very firmly that we aren't aloud to use the printer for personal use... oops (: So I had to speed read/skim through your emails. I got the just of it! and thank you for the pictures!
But yeah things are going good here. I love this place! Although I do miss Simi Valley a lot.  Camrillo/Oxnard are known to have the best weather in the world! Like quite literally. It has the most mild climate. But! On the mountains that were waaaaaaaayyyyyy far away, Elder Robison and I saw snow on top of the mountains! We couldn't believe it (: Oh he is from Montana... forgot to mention that. But yeah, this week it rained A LOT. Which is great! We needed it.
Thank you for all your love and support! I love and miss you all! I wish I could write more about my week! Have a wonderful week (:
Elder Teeples

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