Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heavenly Father's timing is perfect.

Hello! (:
This week we saw so many miracles! I am amazed at how many miracles we saw this week! It is so amazing what miracles can come about from just simply talking to everyone we possibly can! Elder Bate and I had a goal this week of teaching 40 lessons all together, and we did it! Last night, the evening was coming to a close and we were at a total of 39 lessons, and I feel like we truly endured to the end, and acted in faith by searching for somebody to teach for the last minutes of our week. Gratefully, we had the opportunity to teach a lesson to a guy named Martin who didn't speak much english. But we did it! We met that goal and we are very humbled and excited to work even harder this week. Being companions with Elder Bate truly has been a blessing! It is great to have a support like him and to have a companion who is willing to work as hard as he does.
We are finding that there are certain "hot spots" to contact people. It's great (: we are working hard and enjoying our time here. We have a return appointment today with all the YSA people I told you about last week. We are excited! In total, we have given 5 of them copies of the Book of Mormon and we are eager to hear their thoughts about it!
We were able to teach our investigator Jose that we found about a month ago, and his 16 year old sister Ericka. We had a good lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and committed both of them to read it. They are both really open and willing to learn! It is great (:
We also had a great miracle this past week with a YSA aged girl named Tori! Last week I had a solid prompting to knock on a door as we were walking past it, so we did, and Tori answered the door and let us know that she was planning her grandfather's funeral with her family. We expressed sympathy, but she had a positive attitude about it, and we got to share a little bit of the Plan of Salvation with her. Then this week, we went by to see if she had read the pamphlet we left with her... nobody answered. ): So we just worked around her neighborhood for a time, and when we were walking back to our car to go to a different area she came out of her house and was heading to her car. So we got to talk to her! It's so amazing to see how Heavenly Father orchestrates things like that to wear we cross paths just at the right moment! Because seriously, any other 20 second gap we would have chosen to walk back to our car would have been the wrong one, and we would have missed her! We greeted her, and had a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon, and she accepted one and said she'd read and pray about it. We have yet to follow up with her, but we are excited!
Here is another cool expreince. we were on exchanges this past saturday, and Elder Atkin, the Elder I was with is having a baptism in a few weeks. So we were on our exchange, and we went down by the beach area (cause there is always people there) to talk to people, and we started talking to this one lady, and it turns out that she knew his investigator who was getting baptized! She received an invitation to her baptism and was planning on going! Again, its' amazing how Heavenly Father plans things out like that with perfect timing!
I am low on time, but I am excited to talk to you next week! Thank you for all your love and support! I'm glad you passed shcool with flying colors (: I hope your knee is getting better! I love and miss you! Have a wonderful week, and I'll be looking forward to the letters from the kids! See ya!
Elder Teeples (:

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