Monday, May 19, 2014

Speed walking for the Lord.

Well we had a really great week again! We saw so many miracles! First off, we got our transfer calls, and Elder Bate and I will be staying here! We are so excited! And this transfer will be a 5 week transfer, due to Pres. Castro ending his mission nearing the end of June. It's crazy how fast time goes by! I'm definitely going to miss Pres. Castro. I look up to him so much as a truly inspired man of God. I will miss him, but I'm sure that Pres. Felix will be great as well (:
So! whew. Where to start?!?! Well on Monday we saw a pretty awesome miracle! So remember a couple weeks ago how I talked about that girl named Tori? Well we went by to see her Monday evening and talked with her for a while on her porch. We were having a great conversation about  some scriptures in Alma 32 about faith, and as we were talking, her sister and her friend who is a returned missionary pulled up in the driveway after this returned missionary member yelled out "She wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!" Hahahaha they came up and we all went inside the house. I guess Tori's older sister, Megan, really wanted to read the Book of Mormon and so we gave both of them a copy. We are going to be helping their family move in the beginning of June and we are excited!
Hmmm.... Tuesday was great! In church a week ago a member brought one of her non member friends named Allie, and was like, "Hey Elders can you teach us the lessons?" YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's true member missionary work! Ha so the member is preparing to go on a mission and her friend was just I guess tagging along. But even that is perfect, because the spirit will have a chance to touch her heart. So we taught both of them on Tuesday and we talked about the Restoration and it was a really good lesson! We have another appointment with them this coming Tuesday.
On Thursday we were working in a neighborhood, and we saw this guy walking down the street, like walking for exercise status, so he was moving pretty quick. So we tried giving him a card, and he was like, "religion? No. But if you want to try to commit me, you can walk with me at my pace, if you can keep up." At that moment, I was just like, yeah we'll talk with him for a little bit... Nope. We walked like 1 &1/2 - 2 miles with this guy! And it was like 96 degrees or something like that.... So we walked with him for a while and had a conversation with him about faith. He said he doesn't have any faith, but I think Elder Bate and I gave him some things to ponder about in life. He definitely seemed to be a little bit more respectful towards us after we walked all that way with him. So we were then by his car, which was, however, now just that far back to our car...... poooooop. So we started walking back and saw a Wendy's so we thought we'd go in and get a water cup, so we did. And after we were done drinking our water, Elder Bate went to go get a refill, and a lady stopped him and was like, "Can I bless you??" Haha he didn't know what she meant by that at first, but I guess she just meant buying us a meal. She continued to say how she was a Christian and how she saw a light in our eyes as we walked into the restaurant and wanted to buy us some food and a nice drink because it was so hot. so that was awesome! I have truly come to find that most people here aren't as bitter and rude as you'd think. Most people are genuinely nice and will at least have a pretty good conversation with you (: haha.
Lets see....... Those were the main things that happened this week. I wish I had time to write more! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers (: I can feel them each and every day. I love and miss you lots! You are always in my prayers! Have a great week (:
Elder Teeples
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