Monday, April 28, 2014

A week of blessings and miracles.

Hello! (:
This week was amazing! Miracles happened! At the mission conference last week Elder Bowen talked a lot about having false limitations. He asked what is the highest number of lessons taught in a week was for anybody in the room and it came to be like 20 or 25. Then he told us that we could be and should be teaching 40-50! We took Elder Bowen's remarks to heart and we "jumped out of the bucket" this week. Last Monday we set a goal to teach at least 30 lessons over all that week. Needless to say, it was challenging, but we taught a woppin' 35 lessons this week! We kept sooo busy! And not only that but we got 53 declarations (declaring a restored truth to somebody) and the usual standard is like 20 for the week. We committed to the Lord and he blessed us with so many opportunities to share the gospel. We were constantly busy in finding activities and in teaching people everywhere we went! So if you pray for opportunities the Lord will bless us with them (: I definitely know that to be true! One of them was on Tuesday. We were walking down the street and we got chased down by a YSA aged man named Adrian and he asked what we were doing, and we told him how we were missionaries and he thought that was great. He told us a little bit about he is selling a product and asked if we'd listen to him and his buddies about his product, which happened to be a natural energy drink called Verve. We told him that we'd listen to him if he'd listen to us, and he was willing to comply with that. (: haha So we went into a home where there were about 10 YSA aged people, and they were all super friendly. One of them, named Matt, knew a lot about our church and grew up living next to some members, and he respected us for what we do. Long story short, we ended up teaching a lot of the people there, and a few of them were interested in learning more, and asked for copies of the Book of Mormon. Needless to say it was a true miracle, and we have an appointment with them tomorrow.
We had a great lesson last night with our investigator Rachel! We went over the restoration with her and she had a lot of really good questions on our beliefs and about the priesthood. It was really good, and I feel like we did a good job at testifying of the truths that we know.
We also got to teach our investigator Bill. We read over the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and that went really well. He also had some really good questions regarding our belief in the Godhead. We were able to sing for him after the lesson was over, and I got to play the guitar! We sang I am a Child of God, right in the middle of the university campus in our stake. It was awesome (: That truly is a powerful tool that we have, is singing!
I wish I had more time to talk about all the miracles we had this week! I have an even stronger testimony now that God truly does love us and he cares about us, and He is willing to grant us anything that we ask of Him in prayer, if it be His will! We were so blessed this week with opportunities to share the Gospel, and we are planning on working even harder this week! thank you for all your love, support and prayers! You are in mine constantly (: can't wait to talk to ya on Mother's Day! Love and miss you! Have a great week!
Elder Teeples (:

We went into a member's real estate office to grab a gift from her to us, and the receptionist was a member as well, and asked our names, and when she heard my name, she was like "What?! I'm a Teeples!" Apparently, her ancestor is George Bentley Jr. who was brothers to Henry A. Teeples. So I pulled out a copy of one of dad's emails to me, about our heritage with the church, and she took a copy of it. She said she was going to email you to talk a little bit more about that but that was an awesome experience for the week (:

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