Monday, April 21, 2014

Spiritually fed by an apostle..Love Elder Nelson!

Wow, what a week! I learned so much on how to be a better missionary! This week was just full of constant reminders and invitations to be exactly obedient and I personally have risen to a new sense of commitment. To top off last week with hearing from Elder Nelson was just phenomenal! I know even more so now that he is an apostle of the Lord. Such an amazing meeting! and his sense of humor is awesome! I love it! He has always been one of my favorite apostles.
We had a couple miracles this week. That's great that you have seen the video "Because of Him"  It's really so good! and we have enjoyed using the "Because of Him" video as a tool for our work.  We told everybody about it this week! It is so short but yet so powerful (: Share it with everybody you know!
We met an elderly lady named Martha while tracting. She was a born again Christian and she was bitter towards us at first, but one thing led to another, and we were able to read her a scripture from the Book of Mormon (out of Alma 40) and she felt the spirit very strongly and started to weep and pray to Heavenly Father. It was a really spiritual experience! She said she wouldn't mind missionaries coming by in the future. The Book of Mormon is so powerful like that and it carries the spirit so easily! 
We had a great lesson with our investigator Nichole. She had a lot of questions that have arisen from conversations with her friends from other churches, and we were able to answer most of her questions. We found from her questions that she really is searching for the truth. It is so great to see!
After the mission conference on Saturday, we visited a less active named Ivy, and it was so cool, we brought the spirit from the conference straight with us into the lesson. It took a lot of persistence, but she committed to come to church, and she came yesterday! Ahh A true miracle! Last night we were able to find a couple YSA people named Miguel and Melissa, and we had a brief lesson with them about God's love for us and the Book of Mormon. She seemed really sincere about reading the Book of Mormon and we are excited to follow up with them on that. Something I find I am often writing in my journal at the end of each entry is "There are prepared people everywhere!" and it definitely applies this week!
Elder Bate is a very good companion. He is so good at teaching with power and authority and I have learned from him a lot in that aspect. He seems to be very humble and willing to submit to whatever the Lord wants him to do. We have both set a goal for this week to teach at least 30 lessons total this week.
In my studies this week I studied a lot of Elder Nelson's talks in preparation for the meeting. One on the lessons we can learn from the Lord's prayers, the 3 that you sent out to us and a couple other ones. I always love his enthusiasm in his talks! I especially enjoyed his talk just a couple weeks ago. He sets a great example of letting your faith show, and his talk was simple and easy to understand. I also studied shortly the talk by Bishop Stevenson about our "4 minutes" that was a wonderful talk as well. So powerful.  We can really relate the 4 minutes to our missions. I wish I had more time to include some notes from the conference!
But anyways it was a wonderful week (: Thank you so much for all your love and support and I hope all is well at home! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love and miss you very much!
Elder Teeples (:

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