Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference was so great! Transfers again....losing Elder Robinson....Dang!

General Conference was soooooooooo good! Ahhh! It was just what I needed (: I have been starting to get overwhelmed with all the busy stuff we have to do, and that spiritual boost was just what I needed! I loved Elder Holland's testimony "I'm more sure that Jesus Christ lives...than I'm sure I stand before you today" Sooooooo powerful! I loved it! I really liked Elder Bednars talk as well about how our trials and hardships are what give us the strength to endure life. Amazing! Desiree came to all 4 sessions of general conference. We watched it at our stake center. On saturday she made Elder Robison and I sandwiches and on Sunday she made spaghetti for all the missionaries that watched it at that building and we all had lunch together! She really is so great. She loves serving and really has a testimony of this Gospel. She has been such a blessing and example in my life! For the priesthood session there were some technical difficulties.... So randomly in the middle of talks, it would switch to Spanish.... So we missed most of Elder Oaks talk and random bits of other ones but its alright (:
Not an awful lot happened this week. We got our transfer calls!!! I will be staying and Elder Robison is leaving me, sadly #heartbroken): He is going to Thousand Oaks to be a zone leader over there, and my new companion will be coming from Thousand Oaks. His name is Elder Bate! I have met him at meetings so I know who he is and everthing (: He should be a great companion!
We found a new investigator this week! It was kinda cool, it was like 8:15 pm and we didn't know what to do, so we went to this one apartment complex to knock on a couple doors. We just started walking through the complex and walked into a random building, and went upstairs and knocked on random door, and it was this 18 year old named Jose. He was super nice! He said he is really open to anything, and he told us about how he is in a mariachi band with his dad, and he was the drummer. We have an appointment with him this week. He is way cool and we are excited to see where it goes with him!
Yeah other than that nothing really happened. I am excited for this next transfer! Thank you for all your love and support (: I am going to write everybody letters today and send them off soon. I hope all is going well! I stole a quote that Heather sent in one of her emails and it goes right along with Elder Bednar's talk. "A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships." I love it because it is so true! I love my Savior and I love this Gospel! Have a great week (:
Elder Teeples!

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