Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Desiree was Baptized!!!

Hola! (:
So this week was really good! I guess first things first, the baptism went really great! I sent a picture of it in another email. It was such an amazing experience! One that I will never trade for anything. It was so amazing to see how she changed her life for the better! I'm not sure just how much she would feel comfortable with me telling you, but she has made tremendous changes to join the church. She read the whole For Strength of Youth pamphlet multiple times and as she learns more from it, she doest the best that she can to follow it as closely as possible. That is such a good example for me! I'm so grateful for that in my life. There really is such a light about her! The baptismal service was very spiritual. We were kind of worried though.. it was supposed to start at 3 pm, and at 3 pm... only a couple people had showed up! And most of the people on that had parts in the program weren't there yet... but we started the service by 3:15 and it went great. Apparently it was a pretty stressful day for most people, as that is to be expected the day of a baptism. Crazy! But it was awesome (: And I had the honor and privilege of being the voice of her confirmation. It was amazing! An experience I wouldn't trade for the world!
Another cool thing that happened was yesterday. I don't know if you remember Kate Hansen from the olympics? She was the world champion in the luge and I think she got silver this year in the olympics? I can't remember... Well she did a fireside in Camarillo last night and that was way cool! She is LDS and she talked about her story of becoming an olympian, and talked about some the trials that she had had in her experience. And she talked about how although they seemed like trials that would have ended her path in becoming an olympian, they actually made her stronger and she actually became better because of them, and called them "blessings in disguise." It was a powerful meeting. Elder Robison and I got to meet her afterwards! So that was really cool. But yet... meeting a world champion and olympian still wasn't as great and rewarding as bringing Desiree into the fold of God. It's amazing the impact we have as missionaries (: I would definitely take a baptism over meeting an olympian any day.
Hmm... other than that not too much happened. We had a really good visit with our investigator Nichole! We met her at the park for a picnic and she brought uncrustables (: They are so good! She had some questions about the Plan of Salvation so we did our best to answer her questions. She went to the womens meeting and from what we know she really liked it! We are all looking forward to General Conference this weekend! Ah It will be so amazing! And we are stoked to have Elder Nelson visit us (:
I hope all is well at home! I will write Grandma T. a letter this week! Thank you for all that you do! I love and miss you lots! Have a great week (:
Elder Teeples!

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