Monday, June 9, 2014

Nothing like being guided to the Lord's prepared children...awesome.

Helloooo (:
Well, this week was great! We saw a couple really awesome miracles this week (: One of them was on an exchange with the assistants. I went with Elder Lee, and we spent the day working over in Oxnard (which in some parts is like 50% Spanish and 50% English speaking.) And luckily, Elder Lee is a Spanish missionary (: Haha so we were working in one of the more Spanish-speaking-dense areas, and we started talking to this lady and her husband outside of their home. We introduced ourselves as missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The lady spoke pretty good English, but the husband didn't speak very much at all. So we talked for a little bit outside of their home, and after a few minutes the lady invited us into their home, and she asked if we could speak in Spanish just so her husband could understand. So Elder Lee started teaching about the Restoration in Spanish and I could follow what they were saying, but I couldn't necessarily participate, obviously (: Me no hablo espanol... Haha but soon after we got in, Elder Lee mentioned the Book of Mormon and she responded in Spanish "Wait, you guys are Mormons??" and she had a somewhat skeptical look on her face... but Elder Lee taught a little bit more about Prophets, and how the same church that Christ set up while He was on the earth had been Restored in these days. It was really cool just being able to focus on the body language, and expressions of the lady and her husband, since that was all I could really pay attention to (: Slowly her countenance changed. With every principle that we taught (about modern day prophets, the Book of Mormon, etc.) she seemed to get so excited and she would be like "Really?! That is new to me! It makes sense!" By the time we left she wanted "bunches" of copies of the Book of Mormon for her household, and she wanted them the very next day. Needless to say, as Elder Lee and I walked away from their home, we had the biggest, goofiest grins on our faces that we couldn't wipe off (: Hahaha! Their name is the Garcia family. We passed them off to the Spanish missionaries in that area. People truly are being prepared to hear this glorious message!
Okay that was long... hahaha. I also went on an exchange with another Elder. He is one of the other missionaries in our apartment, Elder Gregory, and I was able to work in his area. We got to ride bikes! It was really good to ride a bike for a day (: We met a lady who was like, "I usually go to a Christian church.. but I have friends that are Mormon, and I'd rather go to your church!" Haha once again... people are being prepared to hear this glorious message (: So we got them a new investigator.
Hmm.... We officially passed Allie off to the other Elders.. Sad day. But I guess it there is a reason beyond our understanding! So I have learned to accept it (: haha and we still see her at church anyways, so it's all good. We went by a referral yesterday like 30minutes before church started, and he said he would come if he got a ride. So in the next 3 minutes, we got a member to pick him up! So he came to church (: haha his name is Tyrann. That was an awesome last minute miracle! He said he liked it and that he'd come back next week!
I'm running out of time... but yes, it was a great week! We also had our last mission leadership council with President Castro... I am so sad that he is ending his mission. I am really going to miss him and his family!
Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! I love and miss you lots (: have a wonderful week!
Elder Teeples
Pres. Castro and I

This is a picture of Margi and Allie. (Allie's on the right :))

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