Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm staying...hallelujah!

Hello! So this week was sooooo busy! But it was sooo good (: so many great experiences! 

I survived transfers! Elder Gerber and I are staying!!!!!! (: We are so excited! Especially with Ben's baptism coming up this Saturday! It will be so great (: We are so excited! His baptism was announced yesterday in church and that was so cool. We had a lot of people at church yesterday! We had Ben and his girlfriend, Anna. Then we had Ryan, which was great (he smooched this girl right on the cheek while we were walking to sunday school!) Then William came. We met him last Monday and invited him, and he actually came! That was a miracle (: Then we had a couple less actives show up. So it was a successful Sunday! 

We had Mission Leadership Council this week, with Elder Malm, the general authority who is on the missionary board! it was soooo good! We also went to a fireside by him, and we had a zone conference with him. It was such a busy week! So many meetings! But the spirit was so strong all week! I was definitely humbled by the things Elder Malm talked about it. I definitely know a lot of new things I can work on! They are basic things too... So it'll be great (: After zone conference Elder Malm picked a few people to interview, and Elder Gerber and I were 2 of them! It was a really cool experience! My interview was really short though... everybody was in there for like 10 minutes and I was in there for like 3! He asked me how many months I have been serving, and I had to think about it... I really didn't know! It was so weird! I have just been so lost in doing the work that I hadn't even thought about that for a while! It was a great experience (: I also accompanied Elder Navarrete in a musical number at the fireside... and it wasn't the best I'd ever done, but that's okay! Definitely a learning experience (: 

But yeah it was a great week. We are so excited to be staying! I know this church is true! My testimony was really strengthened this week (: Love and miss you lots! Talk to you next week! 

Elder Teeples (:

Elder Gerber and Elder De Costa, one of our roommates.

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