Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kickin' it with Elder M. in Thousand Oaks....How great is that!

Hello! :D   

   This week was really great! We had another successful time on Moorpark College campus on Wednesday, and we will be there again tomorrow. It's such an awesome opportunity for us! I really feel like it is effective, more than most other things we do, in a YSA ward. Elder Moser seemed to like it as well! It really hurts the first few times you greet somebody as they are walking by, and they just ignore you... but after the first few times it doesn't hurt so bad anymore (: So it's great! We had a few good lessons with Ryan D and that was really great. He was able to come to church yesterday. Xinxing's wife, Anna, came to church yesterday as well. Xinxing passed the sacrament for his first time yesterday! Oh it was so great! But it was really good to see her there! The non member that was going to feed us last night, Tianna, wasn't able to make it, unfortunately, but we are going to try to set something up with her soon. Due to coming up with zone goals we weren't able to meet with a lot of our investigators this week, but we were still pretty productive. We are planning on handing off our investigator, Trevor, to the Simi Valley Elders, since that's where he lives. 
   Elder Moser is doing great! We were able to catch up on how our missions have been going. it's great because we have come to be pretty good friends over the course of our missions. He expressed a lot of his feelings to me this week about he hasn't been around somebody who he feels completely comfortable around until he became companions with me, so it was a relief for him. We shared some of the strong spiritual moments, and some of our learning experiences with each other this week. He is doing great and he is going to love the YSA ward! We also talked about a few things, about how we think our next/last transfer will play out, whether we'd be training or not, etc. But we both agree that it's all up to the Lord's will, and we are willing to do whatever He knows is best!
   My testimony is doing great as well. Coming up with zone goals is always such a cool experience! After we had thought about them, and come up with the ideas and started writing them down, we were talking to Sister Guthrie and Sister Higgins on the phone and we asked for any last suggestions for zone goals. Sister Guthrie gave a suggestion for a zone goal and, almost to a T, was the first zone goal that we had already come up with. It is just so cool to see how through the spirit, we can know what we all need to work on. So my testimony has been strengthened this week in that aspect, that if we are in tune with the spirit we truly will be unified!

Sorry this is shorter... But I hope you have a wonderful week! I love and miss you lots! Talk to you soon (: 

Elder Teeples

Also, also! Luigi, one of the investigators I taught in Ventura is being SEALED! Valentines day 2015! 

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