Monday, November 24, 2014

Week of singing, hot pots and....feeling really tired. :)

Hola (: 

This week was great! I seemed to be really tired almost all of the time though! It's good I guess. It makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day when I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel like I need to take a 2-week-long nap after my mission! 

I had an awesome exchange with Elder Boyce! He is doing really well. He is a really solid missionary and I'm glad that I had the opportunity of being with him for the day! He is only on his 4th transfer, so he is like, less than 6 months out. It's so crazy that not very long ago, I was at that point.... Time has flown by. But we got to be good friends on our exchange! 

Don't worry, I'll be taken care of here as far as Thanksgiving goes! We've had many invite us over. We are going to the Ewing's home for Thanksgiving. They are awesome! Raquel, the daughter, got home from her mission like 3 months ago, and she has just been on fire ever since she got home. She worked a lot with Moorpark College and made our weekly table on campus happen. She is a solid member missionary! Her family is awesome, so we are excited to be with them for Thanksgiving! They have definitely become lifelong friends after spending time with them. We love them, because whenever they need anything (whether it's a car wash, or as simple as putting a new chair together) they call us for help! It's great (: We just love helping and not very many people take us up on the offer! 

Our area is doing so well! Our investigator Dee is so solid. She came to church yesterday and she seemed to really enjoy it! In this past week we were able to teach her the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She learned a lot, and we quickly learned that she is very diligent in her reading assignments. We asked her to read 3 Nephi 11 before our lesson on Thursday this past week, and she read it like 5 times! What?! She just soaks everything up! She just wants to know everything, it's great. She knows she needs to be baptized and hopefully we can help her set a date for baptism tomorrow in our lesson. It is interesting though, because Preach My Gospel doesn't necessarily mention anything about the Millennium, so in our Gospel Essentials class yesterday, we learned about the Second coming and the Millennium, and she asked us why we didn't teach her about that.... so we'll be teaching her about that tomorrow! Haha along with Temples and Family History work (: She is doing great though. Ryan is also doing really good. We are going onto Moorpark College campus tomorrow, and we are excited for that as always. Ben, our recent convert, and his wife, Anna, came to church yesterday and it was good to see them there. We taught Anna about the beginning part of the Plan of Salvation. Later on in the week, Ben texted us and said "we are going to have a hot pot party at my apartment. Do you want to join?" and when Elder Moser first read the text, he didn't see the word "pot" so he thought we were being invited to a "hot party" in his apartment... Haha! But we stopped by, and their apartment was full of Chinese people! YES! I love Chinese people (: We ate some food out of their "hot pot" (which is like a boiling bowl of broth and they just throw things in it and it cooks them), and I ate a fish egg! It was interesting... but we sang "I am a Child of God" to all of them, and bore our testimonies. It was so cool! 

So I was asked to sing the tenor part in a musical number this past Sunday, and we met up like an hour before church to practice it. My part was sooooooooo high! I can maybe reach the C that is an octave about middle C... and my part went to the F above that! It was crazy. So I sang in my falsetto voice in front of the WHOLE ward! Haha it was pretty crazy... But I think it went alright (: 

My testimony is doing really well! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love how simple it is. That is one thing that Elder Boyce and I noticed when we were studying for Dee's lesson to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so simple and it flows to smoothly. I know that it is the way Heavenly Father wants us to live! It brings us true happiness. It is impossible not be happy while truly living the Gospel.

We got a call from Sister Morrison, Sister Williams, and Sister Angimarou saying that one of the less actives they are working with needed help putting up a shower curtain, and they didn't know how, so they wanted us to go over and help her with that. The shower curtain rod that she bought didn't ANY instructions on how to put it up... but I think we did it right! After we did so, we used her guitar and sang "How Great Thou Art" to her and her dad. It was a cool experience and committed her to come to church! 

Thank you for all your love and support! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (: You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Love and miss you! 

Elder Teeples 

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