Monday, November 3, 2014

I get to stay! Thousand Oaks ROCKS!

Hola!!!!!! (: 

We got the transfer calls!!!!!!!!!!!! They did it differently this transfer and we got the call on Saturday, rather than this morning! It was really nice knowing before hand. Definitely a lot less crazy. BUT I AM STAYING!!!! :D Which was a surprise because Elder Gerber was here for 2 and I have been here for 3. But Elder Gerber is going to Camarillo, where I came from! He'll love it (: I am going to be with Elder Michael Moser! The Elder I went to high school with and the one I was in the MTC with!!!!!! It's going to be so great (: But I will miss Elder Gerber so much! 

The area here is going so well! Like really. We are going to see a lot of progression this next transfer! We have a couple non members that came to church yesterday, and they are baptisms waiting to happen. One of them is named Dee, and the other is Tianna. We are excited to start working with them! We have also been finding a lot of success from going onto Moorpark college campus. That has been really good for us. We get to talk to so many people! Ryan D has been doing really great. He has been so good at coming to church and coming to all the activities that we have for the ward. He has really been a blessing in my life. We also taught Xinxing's (Ben) wife, Anna, this week. She doesn't have an "interest" in being baptized right now, which is sad, but we are going to do all that we can to help her! Elder Gerber and I studied a lot about desires this week, and we feel that we have a good idea of how we can help her.

My testimony has strengthened a lot this week as far as doing the Lord's will goes! He definitely has a plan. I thought I was going to be transferred this transfer (I know, I got into that mindset when I really shouldn't have...) and I was so confused, and I was feeling as if I hadn't really accomplished what I needed to in this area yet. Especially with Tianna who came to church yesterday. We met her going to the very small institute class at the beginning of this transfer, and she is from Santa Maria. Her best friend growing up that lived down the street from her was LDS, and Tianna had gone to girls camp quite a few times, and even knows "I am a Child of God" by heart. Now, as you may recall, my first area in the mission was in Santa Maria 3rd ward, and when we first met Tianna, we came to find out that I knew her best friend because I served in her ward. It was just a small world, and it "broke the ice" really quickly, and it took a while to get the ball rolling with her, but now that it is, we hope to start teaching her soon. She and another member are feeding us dinner next Sunday and we hope to have a good discussion about her.

For service this week we actually got to do some service! We got to help an investigator being taught in a different ward move stuff into a storage unit in Moorpark. She was so appreciative of the service and her heart really softened! We also got to serve a couple members by washing their cars. It was so amazing! I absolutely love serving people so much! We did 3 hours of service this week. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support! I love you so much and miss you tons! Have a great week (: 

Elder Teeples 
I met Alex Boye!!!!
Here's a side picture of him (: A last minute fireside was set up this weekend where him and Abby Andersen, a 17 year old singer from Texas, spoke and sang for us. Super cool! 

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  1. My son Elder Chris Willis just got transfered to Thousand Oaks 1st Ward. He was serving in Newbury Park Conejo canyon ward for 1 transfer but living with 3 other Elder's in Thousand oaks. His Companion was an Elder Spencer. Would that make your son his Zone Leader?