Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No ZL for a day...Pretty nice.

Hello!  We had another crazy busy week!!!!! Sometimes I feel like it will never slow down! This week, we had a couple exchanges with the district leaders, some paperwork, a day at Moorpark college, and a few other things, and with that, we have like no time at all! But we are still doing great and the work in our area is progressing (: 

Nothing too much to report on as far as our area goes. Ryan D brought a friend to one of the lessons that we had with him and she had some questions about the afterlife and we got talking about the Plan of Salvation, and read part of Alma 40 with her. It was really good! She said that she would read the Book of Mormon and would like to start coming to some of the activities we have, including ward temple night next month! So that should be awesome (: Ryan basically knows almost all of Thousand Oaks, so his baptismal service is going to be packed! 

We had a pretty successful time on Moorpark College campus! We saw a lot of the same people as last week, but we found a couple other people, and got their numbers, so we are going to start inviting them to things and see if they are willing to come out. The only thing about Moorpark College is that students from almost everywhere but Moorpark go there.... there are a lot from Simi Valley, and the surrounding areas, so we will basically be giving off lots of referrals if they ever become interested (: 

We had a couple "intense" lessons this week. With going on campus, there comes a lot of people who are strong Christians, or strong atheists, and they only want to debate their points of view. But it's cool seeing them having that intention, but our message is simply an invitation to learn more, and we bare simple testimony to them about what we know. They all worked out, and we still seemed to be on their good side by the end of the lessons so it was good (: 

For one of my exchanges with a new missionary, Elder Harper, I got to get away from the "zone leader" phone. It was soooooo great! I think Elder Harper and I got a total of 2 text messages on his phone the whole day! It was so great (: We had a pretty open day so we got to go out and talk to everyone we possibly could, and not worry about any administrative things that we needed to do. I loved it! Near the beginning of my mission these leadership positions seemed somewhat "desirable" but looking on them now.... It's so much less stress being a normal missionary companionship! But I love it at the same time. Heavenly Father is definitely teaching me valuable lessons that I need to learn! His purposes are definitely greater than my own! 

As goes for a Halloween package, yes, I am definitely still trying to avoid sugar! My companion and the other companionship living with us get enough candy.... So I'm good on that (: I'm not even sure what I'd want for a Halloween package.... I can think about it and let you know next week, because transfers is next week, and I'll know where I'm going by next Monday. We get our transfer calls this Saturday morning! I think President Felix is changing it from Monday morning to Saturday morning which is soooooo nice! But if you send letters early in the week I should still get them, so that'd be fine. And as goes for Christmas... I'm not sure? I'd say just save the money you would spend on me and wait til I get home so I know what I can actually use when that time comes. I would like to come back to California soon after my mission to visit, so maybe that could be part of my Christmas gift. I'll keep thinking and let you know! I hope all is well back home! You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Talk to you next week (: 


Elder Teeples! 

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