Wednesday, October 8, 2014

God be thanked for our dear prophet...oh how I love him!

Hello!!!! (:

Wasn't general conference amazing!?!?! It was sooo good! I feel at multiple points the speakers were looking into my eyes and talking to me and saying exactly what I needed. It was truly a great experience (: I loved every second of it! I'm sad, though, that it is my last general conference of my mission.... I will miss watching these as a missionary!

I should be hearing back from President about my departure date soon. I have been keeping myself surprisingly focused and I don't usually think much about it during the week, but yesterday in between sessions I was talking about it with Elder Gerber, because I couldn't get it off my mind during the first session of conference. Then in the afternoon session, there was a talk given and it was an answer to my prayers. I can't remember his name, but he is the one who spoke in Portuguese. He talked about receiving answers to prayers to make important decisions in life! I also learned that if we can take care of it ourselves, Heavenly Father will trust us to work it out on our own. So that was cool!
The area is doing really well. We saw Ryan this week, and he is doing great. His pet lizard died this week and he was really sad about that... but a few days later, he bought a new pet chameleon and he loves it! He just thinks its the coolest thing in the world when it changes colors. We weren't able to see Ben because he was busy with school. We had an exchange with the assistants this week and it was amazing! Elder Lee and Elder Gerber worked so hard. They went on Moorpark College campus and talked with soooooo many people! Elder Wallace and I worked really hard too and we found a few really great people, and we saw some great miracles! Answers to prayers truly do come (: One girl named Hailey we found is really great! She has truly been prepared and we are trying to follow up with her.

Elder Gerber is still awesome. We are still getting along super well and I learn a lot from him. I really admire his desire to apply what he has learned from conference, and basically any instruction he receives. He's really humble in that aspect!

My testimony has definitely been nourished after general conference! I was just uplifted all weekend by the spirit. It's such a great privilege for us to hear from a living prophet! I love general conference! I definitely learned a lot about receiving and recognizing answers to prayers, especially in important decisions that we all have to make, like I mentioned before, so it was very helpful. It was so good to hear from President Monson! There are some rumors around that he isn't doing too well, so we are keeping him in our prayers.

We don't usually have any big service opportunities, but last night we were walking through and apartment complex, and we saw this young married couple trying to juggle their 16 month old boy, loads of groceries and a stroller out of their car. So after some persistence they let us help them in carrying in their stuff. It was great! They seemed to be really appreciative afterwards, and they had smiles on their faces as we walked out the door, so we feel it made a positive impression on them! It just felt so good to help out even in a small way!

Thank you for the shirts! They fit great and they are WHITE! They look great (: thank you sooo much for that! I hope all is well back home! Love and miss you lots! Talk to you next week (:

Elder Teeples!

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