Monday, October 20, 2014

I love to see the temple....again! Sweet!

Hellooooooooooo (:   

This week was really good! Super busy... so it flew by!!!!! Wow. Anywho! We saw Meet The Mormons! You really need to see it, because it's so good. Elder Gerber's head is in it! He is part of the mission prep class that they show for the missionary leaving on his mission. You really need to see it soon, family! We also went to the Temple and it was so great! It was Elder Gerber's second time, so he was so relieved to finally go again. He hasn't gone for a whole year! And this was my 5th time in the field (: I've been blessed. I learned so much this time! We actually got there at 8 am, and we looked at the schedule and a session had just BARELY started... so we did initiatories (which was amazing!) and went to the 9:15 session. 

   The area is doing well! We have been trying to get onto Moorpark college campus more often, because that's where we feel we could be really effective in the YSA ward. Going through neighborhoods is always good, but it's not the most productive finding activity for us in finding YSA's. We taught a couple really great people from the college! We were able to teach a few other great people this week. We taught Ryan D and that went really well. He was at church last week. We also taught a guy named Lyndon from Moorpark College and he mostly just vented about things going on in his life, but that's alright. Hopefully we can gain his trust! We also taught Ben, and he had a question about what "taking upon us the name of Christ" meant, so we had a great discussion about that. We are truly being blessed in this area! 

    My companion is still doing great! We are still getting along, and still working great together. I love his work ethic and his diligence. That is something I am working on right now, and he has been a huge help. He is good at listening to the spirit as well. I wish I could follow the spirit as good as he can! He's so great at it. He definitely is really good at discerning the need of any situation too, which is great. 

   My testimony was strengthened a lot this week. Yesterday morning, I was praying and right in the middle of my prayer, doubt entered my mind, and I thought to myself, "am I just some crazy person kneeling on the ground talking to myself? Is God even there? Is He real? And if He is, does He even have time to listen to me? He must have so much other things to do, that He wouldn't have time to listen to my constant prayers." Then I prayed sincerely asking Heavenly Father if He was there, and if He heard me, and loved me. I asked Him if He knew my name. Then I went about my studies yesterday morning like usual, and I randomly started reading this Ensign from January 1994, and I read the first Presidency message by President Hinckley. And there was a quote in there that goes something like, "... let us never forget to pray. God is real. He is near. He is accessible to us." And I just felt the spirit so strongly at that moment. Then the talk in sacrament meeting was all about how God answers prayers, and during lunch we listened to a talk by President Monson from October 2012 about how God answers prayers, and it was just really powerful. So now I know even more so that He does! 

    We didn't get any chance to serve this week.  But we helped out a little bit with the foodshare up at the Moorpark Institute (where the institute has free produce and gives it away), and there was a girl named Jesse that we've seen there the past couple months. She seemed like she was going through a hard time, and she pulled us aside, and asked if we could say a prayer for her. That is huge because in the past she said that she is athiest! She expressed her appreciation, even to tears, for us giving away free produce, and making it available for those in need, because she was in need at the time. It was a really cool, spiritual moment! 

D&C 112:10 "Be thou humble, and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand and give thee answer to thy prayers." 

Thank you so much for all that you do! The love, support and prayers are definitely felt. I also got the letters from Mark, Luke, Korissa, and Joseph. Thank you so much! That's the first letter that I've got in a while now (hint hint (; ) Love you lots! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers! Talk to you next week! 

Elder Teeples!
Me and Elder Gerber at the LA Temple

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