Monday, December 1, 2014

Pouring blessings...and....rain...What a great week!

Hello! (: 

   This week was so great! We saw a couple really awesome miracles this week. Good things are happening here in Thousand Oaks! 

   I'll start off by talking about the exchanges I went on this week. I went with Elder Bryson, the assistant, on Wednesday, and that was a really good exchange. Elder Bryson and I got along really well! He is a great missionary.It really seems like he loves his mission, and that was such a great example to me! I can always love my mission more, even more than I do right now! He is so calm and relaxed all the time, but yet he is still diligent at getting things done. He is so sincere when he is sharing the Gospel with others, and that gives conviction and power to his words. It was a huge blessing for me to be with him for a day!   I also went on an exchange with Elder Corbridge an Elder in our zone. He is a great missionary! He is much more mature as a missionary than I was when I was at his point in my mission (about 4ish months out). He did a really good job at leading out on finding and teaching, and also planning. We also found that we were fellow brethren in our love for the Legend of Zelda (: But we didn't talk about that much... for too long at least (; We saw a huge miracle in teaching their new investigator named Barbara. We found out half way through the lesson that I had actually taught her sister Karen in Newbury Park about a year ago. But we taught Barbara the Restoration, and it went so well! We were teaching really simply, and she was understanding all of it. She was really open and willing to receive the message. She definitely felt the spirit, and when we were done teaching her about the First Vision, it was like she already knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We talked a little bit about baptism, and then taught her about the priesthood and how it was restored to the earth through Joseph Smith, and how we need to be baptized by that correct authority. Then she asked, "can I have a baptism in your church?" YES! It was just so cool to see how when we teach simply, and with the spirit, the Gospel will seem appealing to them, and they will desire it.
   Whoa!!! Everybody looks so different. It's so crazy! It'll be good to see them all in a couple short months, but as for now, I am focusing on the work, keeping both feet in the Great California Ventura Mission. Send my love to them! 

   The area is doing good! We taught Dee a lesson on Tuesday, and we talked about all that we had to teach her. We even gave her a list of all the things we teach before baptism, and she reviewed the list and said that she already knew everything. Raquel, the member taht was with us, had a great comment where she said, "you know, it's going to come to that point that you'll have to take that leap of faith. You know everything, and you'll have to take that step, but like we learned in church on Sunday, Heavenly Father won't let you fall," or something of the sort. That seemed to hit her. That night after we had gone to sleep we got a message that said, "thanks for the lesson. Does the 13th still work?" because we had talked to her about being baptized on December 13th, 20th or 27th. We texted back that it would definitely work, and she said, "definitely ready.... let's do the 13th :)" YEEEESSSSSS!!!  :D :D :D I was sooooo happy! That was a great day! So we have that set up for the 13th of December. We went through a lot of the commandments last night, and she understood them all really well, and we plan to teach the rest pretty soon here. 

   We had a couple non members that we met up on Moorpark College campus skype a member with us, who has been in the hospital for the past month or so. The spirit was really strong as we shared a message and sang, and at one point Taylor and Jordan (the non members) started singing along to I am a Child of God with us. It was great! We have come to become good friends with Taylor and Jordan, as they have been coming by our table most weeks on campus. They're hilarious! Ryan is still doing good! We had a couple lessons with him this past week. 

    My testimony is still going strong! I like mentioning this in my email every week, because it causes me to evaluate my testimony which is something that I really need to do. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to happiness! And I know that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Christ lives. He is my Savior and my Friends, and I will give my life for Him, because He gave His life for me. I love Him, and it is such a privilege to serve Him in this great work! 

    We got to help a member in the TO1st ward with his Eagle project, along with Elder Harper and Elder Willis. He was repainting a building at an elementary school, and we got to help them prime the whole building it was really great to help serve in that! 
   I'm sure you've heard about the He is the Gift initiative at already, but we are going to be learning about it tomorrow at MLC! We are excited (: We've also been getting some rain down here, so the Lord is pouring out blessings upon this area! 

Thank you for all your love and support! Your prayers are always felt! I hope everything is going well at home (: Love and miss you lots! Have a great week! 

Elder Teeples!
Zone Activity last P-day! We tie-dyed shirts! 

THE most amazing text (: 

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