Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!


   Dang, can you believe Christmas is already here?! What the?! Time is flying by so fast, it's overwhelming! Oh well, what do you do? I wish I could control time though! I'd slow it down just a little bit.... (: 

   This week was great! The area is doing fantastic! It's good being back in Newbury Park (: We got to visit a couple families that I knew when I was here last year, and that was good! We have a couple really great potential investigators that we found this week! This area really is great, and I'm so great I get to stay in the same ward. This ward is amazing, and all the members are so willing to help us out with missionary work! It was funny, at church yesterday a lot of people I knew before they left for school were home for Christmas break and they were surprised that I was still here! It's great (: Love it here! We also plan to work with members more. We want to teach their friends! We taught our investigator Jesse, and that was really awesome! We found out that he lives in the TO side of our ward though, so we may be passing him off to the other Elders soon. Probably this week. He is great though! He's been investigating for about 6 months now, and he seems solid. He is engaged to a member, so he's going to have to make his decision to get baptized or not sometime really soon. Hopefully sooner than later, right? (: We also taught our investigator Carina a couple times this week. She is great! She dresses a little bit gothic, but she has such a pure desire to be baptized. Her image doesn't reflect her desires at all! She's been coming to church for a while now, and she accepts everything we teach. We actually have a lesson scheduled with her today at 2. It is her birthday, so she wanted to meet with us as part of her birthday!

   Elder Driggs, my new comp, is awesome. He is really on top of things! At the beginning of this week after transfers I asked him if he had thought about zone goals at all, and he told me all about what he thought would be good with zone goals! He basically already had all the zone goals figured out! We only ended up using one of those goals for our official zone goals after brainstorming and praying about them, but I feel his preparation allowed us to work this week. Usually coming up with zone goals takes forever during the first week of the transfer... But we only spent maybe an hour in the apartment dedicated to figuring out zone goals. So we stayed effective! He's a great missionary, and he is good at striving to talk to everyone. We have a goal to both do better on that this week. He wants to stay really focused, which is awesome! It seems like he's had a lot of companions who don't have that desire to be focused and to work hard, so I'm glad I can help him out with that. He also likes running in the mornings, which I LOVE. I've been waiting for a companion to go running with! I need to lose my flab around my core so you can recognize who I am (:

  My testimony was strengthened a lot this week! The day of transfers Elder Driggs got pretty sick. He looked awful! Not good at all. He asked for a blessing and we got the permission, and within 30 minutes after the blessing he was ready to get back up and work, and he seemed fine. The priesthood is real! It's so real. My testimony was also strengthened of God's love. We met a guy last night named Sergio, and he told us about how he has 6 kids and he is working as hard as he can to provide for them, and at that moment I just felt so much love for him. I talked with Elder Driggs afterward and he felt it too. God's love is real, and I love being a missionary because I have the opportunity and privilege to feel His love for other people! Sergio told us how he probably wouldn't be able to get much for his kids for Christmas... Elder Driggs wrote his testimony in a Book of Mormon back in August, and he has been marking scriptures in it as he felt inspired to, and he felt like this was the person he was supposed to give it to. So I wrote my testimony in it this morning, and we plan to wrap it and give it to him. It's the best present we could give him! 

I'll probably call around 1-2 on Thursday. I'm excited to talk to everybody! I love and miss you lots (: Have a great week! Talk to you soon! 

Elder Teeples (:

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