Monday, January 12, 2015

Carina's baptism was so awesome! We had an amazing week.

Hello (:

    Holy cow, this week was soooooooooooo crazy! We were busy the whole time. But it's good! I love being busy! This past week, I realized that when I try to lie to myself that my release date isn't as soon as it is, I just get more stressed out than usual, and more unhappy. I'm coming to just accept it, and I am finding a lot more peace. The Lord asked for 2 years, and my 2 years are almost up. Does that mean I can't serve anymore? NO! I just get to serve in different ways (: Although I will miss the missionary life, I feel fulfilled about the work and service I have rendered, and I am excited for what is beyond the horizon! It'll be great! 
    The area is doing awesome. We were so busy! We had a lot to do, preparing for all the baptisms and all. There were 4 in our stake this past week! That is awesome! We should have a couple other ones in the stake lined up before the end of the month. It was successful though! Good things are happening! We met with Carina a couple times, and they were all great. It was so amazing yesterday after she was confirmed! She seemed like a new person. She seemed a lot more happy. We got a nice set of scriptures, and Elder Driggs and I wrote our testimonies in them, then gave them to her. She loved them! She got interviewed for her temple recommend right after sacrament meeting, and she was so excited! She came up to us after Sunday school and showed us (: She's doing great. We met with Jesse, and he is doing great. I love him a lot! Although I've only taught him a couple times, he is one of my favorite investigators. He's just got a really good spirit about him, and I love that. 
    Elder Driggs is so awesome. He is such a huge help, especially helping me stay focused, while preparing me to go home. He is such a great final companion! I'll be grateful for him for ever. We get along really well, and things are going great as far as our companionship goes. We make the most of our musical talents together too, so that is fun (: 
    I've enjoyed reading my patriarchal blessing over a couple times this week. It is so powerful what Heavenly Father promises me, and the guidance He gives me. I'm so grateful for that! I've been searching for what my "gifts" are, and that has been way fun!

Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you have a wonderful week! Ya'll are in my prayers! See you soon (: 

   Elder Teeples!
Carina's baptism was sweet!

Our final Pday activity last week was walking onto the high-roller car lot, and snagging some pics in some sweet cars. Don't be too jealous (;

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