Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm the little drummer! That and..I'm coming home in like 3 weeks....but,....I'm not thinking about that :)

Hellooo (:

   This week was great! We did a lot of great work, and Elder Driggs and I were able to work really hard this week! We spent a lot of time putting together the stake report for our meeting with the stake president yesterday, but it was still really good! We got some quality time to go out and work (: We've been trying to talk to people about and it really helps. We'll start talking to someone, and they won't be interested at all, but then we tell them that we were actually just going to share that website with them, and they are like, "oh, really? Yeah I use that website sometimes." Haha! It's hilarious (: This one Jewish guy that we tracted into said that he actually uses it everyday. Pretty sweet, eh? I went on an another exchange with Elder Navarrete this week! That was a tender mercy! Since training him last year, and even since our exchange back in June, or whenever, I have seen so much growth in him. He has such a more positive outlook on everything! He used to be so negative all the time. He is doing good, and he is a great misisonary. He definitely teaches by the spirit. So that was awesome! He's hilarious, which makes it all the better!
   The area is doing great! Carina is set for this Saturday at 4 for her baptism. It should be fantastic! She is getting baptized at that time along with a couple other investigators in the Westlake family ward. It'll be great! Our investigator Jesse got back from Utah, so we're meeting with him this week. On my exchange with Elder Navarrete, we connected with one of our old investigators, Adam, from Newbury Park, and he was so happy to see us! We are actually going to start teaching him again! Hopefully he'll start coming to the YSA ward (: 
   Elder Driggs is doing awesome! We have been having some awesome companionship studies lately. He is so sincere about the work, and he is a great missionary. I have been so humbled, and so blessed to have him as my final companion of my mission. He's helping me to stay focused and he keeps me working hard. We are getting along really well, which is the cherry on top. He's great! 
   My testimony is doing great! I'm learning so much in my studies. This week I found a quote that said, "when you put God first in your life everything else either drops out of your life, or falls into its correct place," or something like that. It was a good one! It's out of the article about President Benson in this months Ensign. It's really good!
   For service this week, we helped a non member couple move stuff out of their home into a storage unit. It took a LONG time, but they were sooo appreciative of it! It was so cool to see how humbled they were. By the end they wanted to donate funds to our church, and while we were at the storage unit place, she was telling another lady how great we were for just helping her, and the lady she was talking to wants us to help her this Friday. She is going through a rough move right now (getting kicked out of her daughters house) so that should be a good experience! 
    Thank you for everything! I love and miss you lots! I hope you have a great week (: You're in my prayers! 

Elder Teeples (:
This is me jammin' on a sweet electric drumset! Elder Driggs took the pic when I wasn't expecting it... Pretty sweet though. (: I was in a mansion... literally. The biggest house I've ever been in! Multiple theaters, a game room, an indoor racquetball/basketball court, you name it... It was sweet (:

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