Thursday, February 7, 2013

In the MTC

My first half of a week here at the MTC has been great!! Not near as bad as everybody talked it down... But I guess that's a good thing. I was expecting awfulness, and in reality, it's not awfulness... so it has seemed like a good experience!! Everybody has said that once the first Sunday comes and goes everything will fly by... So I guess we'll see how everything goes after tomorrow!!

So believe it or not.... I weighed myself last night and I weighed 155 pounds. I have never weiged more than 145 in my life!!! This food.... I eat to much of it. But it is sooooo good!! There are two or three options of what we can have for a meal, and I usually end up getting 2 full plates of food, dessert, a salad, and a few drinks... yeah not good. I guess I'll have to start exercising really soon!!!

My companion's name is Elder Jackman. He's awesome! We are alike in a lot of ways. He has been playing guitar for about 4 years now and we kind of have the same sense of humor. He came here to the MTC 8 months ago and came for a week, but went home to change some things in his life before coming back. So he knows where the buildings are and knows what's going on during the first week. It has been really helpful! He's gonna be serving in the Salt Lake City mission. My whole district is just awesome!! Elder Moser is from Payson, and dad had mentioned that he was going to my same mission. In my district, 6 of us are going to Ventura California!! Including me, 4 other Elders and a Sister. There were 6 companionships in my district, but one of my roommates, Elder Brown had to go home. We're really gonna miss him! He was really quiet but he brought a good spirit to us. So his companion is tagging along with us, so we are now a trio. But thinking about a trio just reminds me of Kolby and Heather.... if you happen to see them, tell them hi for me, that I love them and to write me!!

How is everything going?? Everybody doing good? How's the new house? I miss everybody!! Well let me know how everything is going. The Gospel is true!!! I love you all!!!

Elder Teeples


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  2. He heard the MTC was aweful??? The MTC is a party!! hahaha. Oh, I'm so excited for him. :)