Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 2 MTC

Hello Familia!
Haha surprisingly, I only had 4 emails!! haha but still, time is of the essence.. I can only write letters and email on P-day, which is saturday for my district.  
But thank you for the shoes!! and the mints!!! I LOVE gettting any letters or packages. It's like Christmas!!! Actually... Heather and Kolby sent me a package that got here yesterday and they bought me candy and wrapped them all like christmas presents!! (except they were wrapped with newspaper... haha) but it really felt like Christmas!! I loved it!!
And about that story I wrote to you guys about... I think it's called "The Room"?? It's a touching story about a boys interpretation about heaven. It made me cry when I first heard it!! and maybe you could read it to the kids if you find it. 
I'm way excited to hear that Justin and Colleen are getting sealed! I wish I could be there!!!!! so badd!!!!!!!! AAAAhhhhh and they're having a boy!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and would it be okay if Heather and Kolby could come over on Mother's day so I could talk to them for just a minute?? I miss them!!
Well I only have 5 minutes left and I have a couple more emails to reply to.... but I love and miss you all!!!!!! The Gospel is so true and I have realized that so much more coming into the MTC!!! Strive to feel the spirit always!! It's a wonderful thing (: oh and Keith...and everybody else.... KNOW YOUR SCRIPTURE MASTERY!!! You will need it!!!!!!!!!
Love you (:
Elder Teeples

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